Yangtze River Cruise: Tips for the best deal

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You must have had an extravagant cruising experience on any of the destined oceans or seas of the world. However, have you ever tried to do so, on the rivers? Well, an entertaining vacation that is beyond the lavishness of the oceanic vessels is a genuinely serviced aim of a river cruise. And believe me; a river cruise is alternatively a friendly as well as enchanting way of enjoying a holiday. So, consider a river cruise if you want to leave behind all the extravagance of ocean as well as sea cruises, but still want a more fascinating adventure.

A river cruise offers a window to the local history, wildlife, scenic vistas, and cultural life along the waterway as well as its surrounding regions. A trip of exploring the role of something that has contributed to the development of several civilizations is truly far appealing than those on oceans. By this I don’t mean that ocean cruising is not exciting, but my focus is on the value-addition on your trip of cruising – the role of the river as the lifeline of the civilizations.

In this article, my emphasis will be on the Yangtze River cruise. Until now, I was hearing more and more of the rivers of the western world for their adventurous factor. So, this time, I decided to turn towards southeast where one of the best experiences was of the Yangtze River cruise. Running in China, the river’s only fact that it is the third longest on Earth as per Yangtze river.org was enough to convince me for a holiday cruise. An expedition on this river will surely make you discover not only the development of a civilization, but also the major historical attractions like the Great Wall, royal palaces, classical temples, and Three Gorges dam that is the largest on the planet. Irrespective from where you catch any of the Yangtze River cruises that halt at popular towns such as Nanjing, Yichang, and Wuhan; most of them end at Shanghai near the Sea of East China where there awaits a unique opportunity to know the old societies like Bund.

There are many cruise companies that arrange for the cruises on the Yangtze River. However, I chose the Page and Moy that organized for a 14-day excursion in April. Generally, their cruises are available from March to November. For more information, kindly visit pageandmoy.co.uk/river-cruises/Yangtze. While trying a Yangtze River cruise, keep in mind the following general tips.

  • Do not choose a local ferry. The local ones here are actually disappointing even though they are not expensive starting from 500 RMB to 1200 RMB for ‘First-Class’ cabin. There is no English-speaking staff to guide or instruct you and that you have to pay for food again. There are many hidden costs! Further, sometimes there are no facilities or activities and yes, the AC is just in a bad state ensuring more hot summers.
  • Do not book a cruise at the last moment. Always book your cruise in advance; go online and look for Three Gorges Cruise or Page and Mody in Google. Further, compare the services as well as prices with others.
  • Do not choose non-professional agent. Online, you will find many Yangtze River cruise ships, but go for a trustworthy travel agency such as China International Travel Service (CITS). In addition, choose those based in Chongqing or Yichang, as they have proper and complete knowledge to answer all your questions correctly.
  • Look for the correct flight. It is advisable to reach Chongging by air and then catch your cruise on the river to alight at Yichang. If at all you are deciding to cruise from Hong Kong, Guilin, or Xian, kindly plan well for this. Kindly note that there is no air plane from Yichang to any of these places stated above, except for Xian, which is very few.
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