Windsor Castle: A must-see London attraction

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Also known as the largest castle on the planet along with the oldest occupied one, the Windsor Castle is certainly the among the formal homes of Her Majesty, The Queen. Having being witnessed 900 British years of history, the Windsor palace encompasses 26 acres of land to hold an imperial palace, dwellings as well as offices of several folks, and a great chapel. The Windsor Castle is flanked by very pretty gardens as well as the scenic countryside.

Overall, the Windsor Palace is packed with mesmerizing items, marveling art works, and captivating rooms. The moment you enter via the Windsor castle tour, see to it that you at least spend three hours here. According to the time of your Windsor castle tour, you might have to face long lines for the tickets. So, it is recommended to buy your tickets on the Internet for saving some time.

Attractions inside Windsor Castle

  • St George’s Chapel:
    Located within the grounds, this is the superb gothic edifice that is the home Henry VIII’s tomb and the senior Order of the Garter found in 1348 by Edward III. Inside, you can also see the tombs of ten sovereigns of which one is of Henry VIII and his third wife Jane Seymour and one is of Charles I. Spot the mirror table that adorns the nave’s central aisle as from here you can view the elaborate ceiling. In the Quire, do see the medieval wooden stalls where the Knights of the Order used to assemble at the time of their annual ceremony.

  • Queen Mary’s Doll House:
    Gifted by Queen Elizabeth II’s grandmother, this is a mansion of four storeys interestingly planned by the architect of New Delhi. It illustrates the hall of fame of the British craftsmanship to which many famous artists as well as designers also contributed. Look for the dining table with silver plates, strong room holding the miniature replicas of the Crown Jewels, Queen’s bathroom with gold taps and an alabaster tub, and the display cases in the passage nearby having a pair of dolls called France and Marianne. In the corridor, you can marvel at the exhibit showing the different wardrobes of the dolls made by the famous French designers known today. As very few people are allowed to see this house at a time, you might have to wait for 20 minutes.

  • The Drawings Gallery:
    This is the zone that keeps the changing exhibitions of the items from the Royal Library. It is easy to miss this one, but do not let it happen if you have managed to get in the Windsor Palace.
  • Waterloo Chamber:
    Located before the State Apartments, this was dedicated to the forces who succeed against Napoleon during the Waterloo battle. Here, you can see the paintings of the state heads as well as peace negotiators. Look for the Indian carpet that is the largest unspoiled carpet.
  • State and Semi-State Apartments:
    This is the series of many rooms – King’s Drawing Room, Dressing Room, Bedchamber, Queen’s Drawing Room, King’s Dining Room, Queen’s Ballroom, St. George’s Hall, and Lantern Lobby.
  • Shops:
    There are three on the grounds of the Windsor Palace. The smallest one is on the North Terrace called the Windsor Castle China Shop from where you can view the apartments. The refreshments are only available at a stand outside. The other two are the Middle Ward Shop and the Lower Ward Shop offering souvenirs such as clothing, jewelry, gifts, house wares, books, and toiletries with affordable prices.
  • East Terrace:
    Visited from August to September, it dominates the Home Park as well as the rose garden and offers great vistas of the East facade of the Castle that is usually not seen.

Also, check out for the Eton College an exclusive school where many previous British Prime Ministers have obtained their education.

The Windsor Castle tour is possible by traveling in a train for 30 minutes from the Paddington Station.

Windsor Castle tickets

  • Adults –
  • Below 17 –
  • Student with valid ID/Over 60 -
  • Under 5 -
  • Family with three children of below 17 and two adults –


  • Take up a London Pass to get a free entry.
  • Go for the Long Stay Parking zone that demands half of the cost of short stay parking even though you need to stroll for some 20 minutes.
  • Do take a free re-entry band that is available at a Castle shop.
  • Take up a free Family Activity Trail leaflet from the visitor center so that you know well about the things to do for great fun.


  • November to February:
    From 9:45 am to 4:15 pm.
  • March to October:
    Until 5:15 pm.

Note: The castle will be closed on 25th to 26th December 2010. Check out online as many of its parts are closed on some days of the year.

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