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Yes Ladakh is the ideal trekking destination with the best kind of travel pleasures. This is where you have to be if you want to experience the thrill and excitement of travel adventure. So come here to Lamayuru in Ladakh and set upon the less traveled Ripchar valley. This region with its nomads and the lovely verdant expanse has its own beauty with the villages dotting the zone with their lovely rustic beauty and the ranges of the Karakoram and the Zanskar giving great travel escapades.

At Chilling the river Zanskar is seen flowing and one crosses this river with the help of a pulley cable that continues till the most popular region the Markha Valley here. In fact the Markha Valley is considered to be the best in the Ladakh valleys.

Markha Valley

Normally all treks in Ladakh start from Leh. So this is where you would find yourself ensconced in the best surroundings such that you would gear yourself for the forthcoming exciting trek. At Leh you can go around the Hemis, Thikse and Shey monasteries. Then the next day you could drive to Uleytokpo and then also have a look at the Alchi monastery.

Then drive across to Lamayuru and see this lovely monastery of the 10th century and which is also one of the oldest Ladakhi monastic sites.

The actual trek starts in the valley and then you reach Prinkitila and then descend down to the village of the Wanla Camp. There is an overnight stay here.


Then the next morning enjoy the sights as you go up the path in the Penji village and here is where you leave the actual trek path and go up to the Valley of Ripchar to a place called Hinju.

After the overnight stay here you would pass the lovely grazing regions and then reach the Konzela base where there are lot of summer camps. It is interesting and fascinating to enjoy the Ladakh surroundings and to experience the beauty of Ladakh treks.

The following day you would climb up the Konzela which is at a height of around 4950m and get the best stunning views of the Zanskar range. Then you go down the hill and as you get down you would reach the Lanak region where there is again a camp.

Chilling is a place you would love to be in and as you reach this place finally you would find the Sumda village lying on the left bank of the river. There is a ridge here which will take you to the Dunduchunla Pass lying at a height of 4435m. Go to the camp that is here at Chilling. Here the locals would be the metal workers making the Ladakhi copper utensils.


Then the following day after camping at Chilling, cross the Zanskar with the help of the pulley cable and then go up the path trekking up to the region of Skiu where there again is a camp.

An overnight halt here and you reach the Markha region which is around at a height of 3810 m . Walk up this place the whole day till you reach the River Markha and then the Chalak village. This is where you would find the goat horns and the chortens which lie beyond the village. There would be another camp overnight here and you would trail up to the Hankar village. There is a beautiful valley here and as you go up the narrow valley you would reach the lovely verdant expanse of Thachungtse.

Chalak village

Explore the areas here and slowly reach the city of Leh and your trek is complete.

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