When to Visit the Island of Taiwan?

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Taiwan, the East Asian Island located on the western part of the Pacific Ocean is an extremely popular tourist destination. In this article, we’ll inform you about the right time of visiting this wonderful Asian island.

You will often hear people saying that you can visit Taiwan whenever you want. However, the truth is that you must consider the month i.e. the time of the year you are visiting Taiwan before planning a trip to the island. Generally, the time between September and November is thought to be the best time of visiting Taiwan; during this time the island gets its autumn. The weather stays dry and warm; moreover, air pollution stays at its minimum. The other reason of visiting the place during these months is that the costs of accommodation and other necessities stay significantly low during this time.

The spring months i.e. March, April and May might make the trip troublesome for you. You may get dry and clear weather or may need to sit in your hotel room for a large part of your trip due to foggy and wet weather or due to the sandstorm invading the island from China. All these three weather condition might occur within a single day spoiling your entire sightseeing program.

If you are interested in taking part in the outdoor activities, you should pick the summer months for visiting Taiwan. If your are visiting the islands east coast, there can be no better time in a year than the summer months; however, make sure that during summer you are not booking a trip to outer island. The outer island stays filled to the brim with tourists during the summer, which will not give you enough chance to explore the vigor of the island. You must also stay alert about the dangerous typhoons, which might hit the island during anytime between June and October.

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