What to Eat During Your Visit to Buenos Aires?

South America | | June 13, 2011 at 12:40 am


This article will offer you an idea about the kind of foods you will get to enjoy during your visit to the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires. The local dining in this city is renowned due to the quality and quantity of meat served in the eating joints of Buenos Aires. The tourists will have the option of choosing from the wide variety of regional items. The regional items include both recipes native to Argentina and cuisines influenced by immigrants settling in this city from different parts of Asia and Europe.

You will come across restaurants dedicated to Nordic, Chinese, Mexican, Turkish, Arabian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Armenian foods in the city of Buenos Aires. The city also hosts eating joints serving vegan, macrobiotic and aphrodisiac foods. You will also get to choose eating places based on your budget; there are simple road side fast food joints in the city as well as sophisticated restaurants.

The most preferred meal among the natives of the region is ‘parrillada’ or ‘el asado’. If you love meats, this is a perfect food item for you. It includes grilled steak along with few other cuts. Traditionally cooked parrillada contains meats, morcilla or blood sausage, chinchulines or small intestines, riñones or kidneys and sausages. Parrillada is cooked over charcoal i.e. wood fire. The ideal way of serving this Argentine dish is with fried potatoes or salads. As parrillada is the most celebrated food item of the city both for the natives and the tourists, you will also come across eating joints named after it. Majority of these restaurants only serve barbecued chicken and meats.

‘Minutas’ is the name used for fast-dishes in this part of the world. It may require only a few minutes for preparing ‘minutas’ like other fast foods of the world, but unlike the conventional fast foods, they are not unhealthy. The most popular minutas found in Buenos Aires is ‘milanesa’ or the breaded meat. Milanesa includes empanadas and fried potatoes.

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