Visiting Morocco: What the Country Has to Offer?

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Morocco is situated at point of confluence of Africa in the east with Europe in the west and the Mediterranean with the Atlantic. Flanking Europe, it is sited just across the tapered straits of Gibraltar. Well known for its rich culture, ethnicity, disparities, speckled hues and obscurity, it became a natural choice for my travel destination.


I love Morocco’s temperate Mediterranean climate gifted by its unique location atop the northwest crook of Africa with two oceans contiguous to it. I was also enchanted by its exquisite natural splendor and enthralled by its superior quality handicrafts. I enjoyed the skiing prospects offered by the Rif and High Atlas Mountains in the North and Central regions of Morocco. Touring the deserts of the Western Sahara in Southern Morocco on horseback, on camels and 4X4 was equally delightful. These holiday breaks of skiing and desert trips are relatively recent discoveries of the entertainment ravenous tourists.

High Atlas Mountains skiing Western Sahara desert

Morocco’s ideal location gives travelers sunny lands, mountains and hot desert sands to explore. At the same time Morocco’s medieval conurbations captivate you with their ageless mood and feel. I felt myself immersed in an interesting alien world in the cities of Fez and Marrakech that are sated with souks and squares. The magician snake charmers were awe inspiring. The tanner yards’ reek is ubiquitous and the Muezzins’ call from the old minarets drifts in the air.

Morocco mountains

Morocco’s tumultuous past that has been propelled by its situation has cropped a prodigious number of historical monuments and imperial edifices. However the country also comprises of contrasting ultra modern societies and cities.

You must be quite fascinated by the above description of Morocco. Plan a trip to this wonderful African nation during your next holidays.

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