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Ushuaia! Does the name ring a bell? Not really, eh? This remote little city, which comes under the purview of Argentina, is considered the southernmost city of the world. Little wonder that it doesn’t get its due publicity. The city of Ushuaia is located in a wide bay which is off the southern coast of the Tierra del Fuego island. To it’s north lies the Martial Mountain range and to its south – the Beagle Channel. The population of this city is estimated to be around the 64,000 range, that is dispersed on an area of 9,390 sq km.

Ushuaia city


If anyone can be given credit for aptly describing the experience of living, eating, sleeping and breathing in Ushuaia, it is E. Lucas Bridges. In his book ‘Uttermost Part Of The Earth’ published in 1948, Bridges speaks of his experiences in this remote city of Tierra del Feugo. As most who have read the book and visited the place will agree, there is no better rendition of a traveler’s experience to the ‘Uttermost part of the earth’. It’s almost like him giving you an insider’s view on the life of the American Indians. It is recommended that you read the book before you plan a trip to this tip of the Ushuaia Trekkingworld. It’s better to know what you’re headed for, isn’t it?


An absolute must do when here is a hike up to the Glacier martial, which is part of the Mount Martial range that lies directly behind Ushuaia. If you’re in the area during the heavy tourist season, you needn’t worry since there is a ski-lift that will help whisk tourists up to the top of the slope. If, however, you decide to hit the city during its off season, then you’re pretty much on your own. You could, however, as a traveler once wrote ‘hoof it’; and, yeah, he did manage to hoof it! If you are the types who likes the idea of ‘being one with nature’, then this is an absolute must for you.


You can be assured that everything (read: everything) in this city is expensive. Its even more expensive than Buenos Aires (Don’t ask me why!). Funnily though, the only thing thats non-expensive, and very affordable is goat cheese. If you’re an ardent lover of this milk product, then you’re in paradise; because Ushuaia is, simply put, a goat cheese lover’s paradise.


This beach can, most safely, be called the best place to visit when in Ushuaia. When you near the beach, you will be given instructions on how you’re expected to stay quiet and not startle the penguin population that inhabits the island. When you’re finally there, you’ll notice how the penguins are ‘curious’ by nature. They’ll encircle you, and have a good close look at you. You’re also given a chance to glance at their nesting areas. If you’re there at the right time of the year, chances are that you’ll get to see the chicks as well; and that can be quite a sight.

All in all, the experience of being in the southernmost country of the world can be almost surreal. You definitely can feel the difference about being away from the noisier cities that most of us come from; and this stark difference is something that everyone ought to experience once in their lifetimes.

Penguin Island Beach

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  1. vareeja says:

    This utterly exotic location is a must on the list of a travel lover’s destination places. The Penguin Island beach and the “goat cheese” are the catch of Ushuaia!

  2. wow, their were so cute. this a nice place to be with your partner and take picture with the lovely PENGUIN.

  3. jane says:

    all the penguin lovers, this is a great place for all of u to visit, , such a harmony giving place.. all will love it.. and the cute penguins ofcourse, so lovely, wish could own one..

    and how can i forget the goat cheese, the cheese lovers too have a good news, u can have full stomach meal coz even if the place is very expensive, the meal here is very cheap..

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