Urulu – The Extraordinary Pebble – Part I

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Urulu or Ayers Rock or The Rock, deemed among the superlative innate wonders globally and is Australia’s proud mention and its most discernable icon. This mammoth charismatic mound towers to a majestic 318meters high with a radius of eight kilometres with a major portion of its bulkiness beneath the ground.

Uluru is a gigantic sandstone rock formation located in core Australia that was sacrosanct to the Aborigines locals also dubbed as the Anangu. In present years, it has garnered significant magnitude for the New Age practitioners.

Considered to have evolved from the deeds of familial beings during the conception period also known as the Dreamtime, this fascinating site comprises of numerous grottos, water openings and primordial works of art. Uluru was the conventionally christened name for the rock. Ayers Rock was the name proffered by the European voyagers.

Urulu australia

The Aboriginal residents or Anangu of Australia, were of the thought process that the Central Australian panorama was formed at the start of time by the efforts of the familial beings who surfaced from the barrenness and effectually transformed the amorphous and undistinguished world during their journey through the land, making every one of living forms and the aspects of the arid landscape. Uluru is considered as the magnificent substantial proof of the familial doings during the formation time.

The evidence of Dreamtime is perceivable in the rock’s crevices, crags and caverns. The key trail winding up to the pinnacle of the rock is the conventional path undertaken by the aboriginal antecedents when they first came to Urulu during its conception phase. Several projections depict diverse familial spirits, and it is believed that by feeling the rock formations, an Aborigine local had the ability to call upon the familial spirits to seek their divine blessings and commune with Dreamtime.

An Aboriginal fable states that once upon a time two clans of familial spirits were given an invitation to join in a banquet that was held in the locale. The two clans happened to get sidetracked by the enigmatic Sleepy Lizard Ladies and dawdled along with them at a waterhole, totally forgetting about their invite. The long wait and the resultant let down aggravated the hosts who in a fit of fury chanted iniquity into a mud figurine that sprung to existence as the wild dog dingo that has a nasty repute to seize infants. The ensuing blood bath resulted in an annihilation of the heads of both clans. In utter angst due to the bloody violence, the earth rose forming the rock mound, the Urulu.

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  1. Lily says:

    Did you know there are several stories around the Urulu. For eg: curse if you pick up the stone & many more. It’s fascinating to visit, if you know some locales around, like me. Ricky, fascinating story, right?

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    I like such a fascinating idea of rocks with fluara & fauna to glamorous city shine. I was thinking, I would get bored there on my official visit. Ricky, your post is really helpful. I am sure gonna love it.

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