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Cancun’ sounds quite unusual and distinct one, also its meaning is as striking as the name itself. According to Mayan language, Cancun denotes ‘snakes nest.’ When I came across with this fact I conceived that this location might have derived its name as it would be filled with snakes and one could easily spot them anywhere in this terrain. However, when I toured in this destination all my pre-conceived notions turned upside down as there was nothing like this.

Although, this location provides warmth over the sprawling white-sandy beaches and affords scenic views of noteworthy hotels standing tall on the captivating beaches. In addition, this place has a rich historical background, once a small fishing village with barely 120 inhabitants during the recent 1970’s, today has managed to shelter almost half million residents. Not only this, it attracts over whopping amount of two million tourists every year. The city has developed par excellence and its architectural excellence is worth viewing. Contemporary outstanding architectures with an added spice of tourists as the hotels are just spectacular creations. Tourist can truly extract fun and excitement to the fullest from this exotic destination.

Cancun affords an enchanting and comprehensive amusement with top-notch adventurous activities like parachuting, jet-skiing and scuba-diving. One can achieve serenity and peace of mind by indulging themselves in golf. Fun-loving and frivolous individuals can retreat themselves with the rocking and hip-shaky nightlife. However, for independent tourists, it would turn a messy and irksome affair if they do not carry with them lots of money. Without huge bundles of cash, the excitement would rather turn a horrible unfriendly nightmare. One could enjoy if bought wide-ranging tour package and could relish the fun of visiting new location.

Also, I got to know that for maintaining the beaches in a good condition Belgian Dredging Company was appointed. Before the enhancing work, the sand used to be soft and powdery. However, the things have turned contrary after that, as the sand has turned rough and gritty and is filled with crumbled shells and coral pieces.

Geographical location:

Perched at the southernmost angle of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, inside the State of Quintana Roo, this striking location stretches 131 miles to the west of Cuba. To the south, it sprawls 640 miles towards New Orleans. This city is bifurcated into two sections; one is called the ‘Zona Hotelera’ and ‘EI Centro.’ The Zona Hotelera is actually a hotel zone nestling on a 17 mile long  which is Cancun Island almost jumbled up with string of hotels. And another one i.e. the EI Centro is a business centre which serves as a habitat for the Mexicans. Also, Cancun is situated nearby to Miami rather than Mexico City.  Places worth visiting in Cancun.


Mayan Ruins:

Cancun has preserved some small Mayan remnants that hail back to the pre-Columbian Maya Civilization. And another most renowned spot of Cancun is located at a far-flung distance of 149 miles known as Chichen Itza. Then, Tulum follows and occupies the position of being another popular destination as it leisurely sits on water. However, it is 80 miles away from the township of Cancun.

Kukulcan Avenue:

Located at a close distance of 17 miles, I took the route passing through the hotel zone. A wonderful spot, truly an enchanting spot and eye-balls grabbing attraction waiting for the tourists. Also, when I visited this location the people had just finished a good job of planting 6000 trees. Other than these eye-soothing attractions, it offers eye candies like a Hard rock café and lavish malls. Also, there are hotels lined up in this area.


EL Meco:

Nestled in Northern Cancun over the Mujeres Bay, it is easily accessible through the road to Punta Sam. EL Meco, a legendary destination belonging to 10th century has a rich past, and the term ‘EL Meco’ means bow-legged. It is believed that this place derived the name from its owner who was himself bow-legged. EL Meco has done a commendable job as it helped in communication with the Mayan sailors as it is placed besides waters and worked efficiently for navigational purposes. Today, this area possesses 14 architectures out of which the most eye-catchy is the main temple. However, it is out of access as climbing over the temple has been restricted, this has helped it rather than working out negatively as the temple is maintained in a good condition and still preserves the eye-candy appeal.

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  1. Bill Nad says:

    What an awesome place with lots of stuff to play around and places to see. I love the pics, the blue sea is unbelievable in real life and the blue sky makes it beautiful.

    Last time I went to Cancun I loved it and wanted to let you know that I as well loved it out there. One of the really great things is that Cancun is nice and compressed in size and it is easy to get around with the busses and stuff.

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