Traveling to Uganda: A Brief Description

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Currently Uganda is one of the most visited tourist destinations of East Africa. Uganda is a diminutive non coastal country lying between Kenya and DRC in East Africa. Regarded as Africa’s most attractive country, Uganda boasts of panoramic scenery, rich heritage and exotic wild life species. The place is replete with 10 well run national parks and offers prospects for adventure sports and exciting gorilla trekking.


The locals are affable and the place has been revamped to make it eco friendly- hence Uganda has been conferred the title of ‘Africa’s friendliest country’. As part of the eco- friendly campaign eco tourism projects have also been launched. All these attributes prompted me to visit the country.

I was enthralled by Uganda’s mottled diverse panoramas. While the Rift Valley is sated with forest enveloped cavern lakes other portions of Uganda feature the characteristic East African Savannah or tropical rain forests. The country offers first rate hiking and trekking prospects at its extinct volcanoes, at the Rwenzori Mountains flanking its western border, or at the frosty tips of the ‘Mountains of the Moon’ which are the highest in Africa.

Rwenzori Mountains

Not being the adventurous type I settled for some quiet and enjoyable bird watching at the archipelagos around the Lake Bunyonyi and the prodigious Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria happens to be the resource of the Nile, the World’s longest river and venue for white water rafting.

Lake Bunyonyi Lake Victoria

I enjoyed watching primates like chimpanzees and the huge mountain gorilla on a safari expedition in Uganda.

Mountain gorilla

Uganda’s efforts to combat infectious diseases have been very effective. After the adversity caused by Idi Amin’s misrule, the inhabitants of this East African nation are encouraging progressive policies and bettering their tourist industry.

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