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So you have decided on going on a journey and setting out for travel? But have you ever thought that travel could be made more fun with making it more worthwhile ?

Now how do you do that? How do we make sure that we not only travel and have pleasure but also make use of it? I have come upon a strategy to make each and every travel of mine pleasurable, memorable and worthwhile.

First of all, the point that needs to be pondered on is exactly where to travel and how. It is not needed that one has to travel to far off distances to take a break. Before planning we need to understand exactly why we have to travel. If it is just for a weekend break that we are wanting to travel then a nearby destination would be sufficient. If the nearby destination is accessible without having to book tickets etc then the easier way out is to have a vehicle hired. Now that that has been decided the next thing that we need to understand is exactly how to decide on the place. If you are living in a particular region then get a travel guide or surf the Internet to find the nearby interesting spots. Have a diary and make a list of the places that you would want to visit. Then keep ticking the places so that at the end of many months or years you would have the satisfaction of having covered a full region. This gives you the opportunity to reflect back and create your own summary of the region and the places that are worth visiting. This could give you a chance to print whatever you have noted down and could put you on the list of a good travel guide.

See, it is that simple. Simple things that make a huge difference. Your simple outing for a weekend could actually turn out to be a profession for you. Besides this, I always believe in having a diary of events of whatever I do. Maintaining a written record of the events not only puts fresh memories immediately but also ensures that it is a memoir forever. So once you write it down, you could always make a scrap book out of it and gift it to the people you have been with. If you have been with your family, then give the scrap book as a gift on an anniversary or a birthday or Mother’s Day . If you have been with friends then personalize it and give it as a surprise gift. You could also make a collage of the events and hang it in your front room just for keepsakes.

Similarly you could start out on a business of doing this for people. You could accompany them on their trips at your expense, note down the events and then create a travelogue for them. These are ways you can make your travel enjoyable, worthwhile and profitable.

Again, if you have kids, then you could put them into the habit of having their own travelogue. You could open their own blog site and asked them to pen their thoughts down. If you are very creative, you could write poems on the blogs about your travel. This would not only ensure that the children are occupied with doing something creative during the holidays but also gives them a reason to express their thoughts well. This inspires the creative juices and endorses the value of travelling and the experience involved.

If you are good at camera, then you could also take videos, create a movie and showcase it to the family. A movie maker is very easily installable on the computer and one can edit, add captions and create an entire movie out of a trip. These are valuable ways of storing our experiences. Life is a gift. Each moment that we live should be spent in such a manner that we can remembered it as a worthy moment. Travelogues, movies, scrap books are just means of ensuring this kind of experience. There are many more ways to do it. It is left to our imagination how we do it.

We could also take along the responsibility of going to an orphanage or the institution helping the needy and take them out on a day tour and give them the small joys and happiness of life that could make them smile for a moment. If we combine travel with charity it only endorses our ability to rise up to save the world from small miseries. So arise, awake and enjoy travel.

Travel and living are a part of our life. Even if we do not move from one place to another, we could always travel ahead of people by thinking ahead, executing responsibilities and being at peace with ourselves and the world.

So enjoy your journey and make your travel worthwhile.

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