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greece-acropolis_evening-athens-1Greece, located at the southern end of Europe, despite its marked small shape, is a rich amalgamation of cross cultural societies, awe inspiring past and exciting picture perfect locations. One can simply be spellbound by the great variations one can find, right from pristine olive plantations, centuries old historical sites, gorgeous beaches and picturesque mountain ranges. Greece has an extensive coastline spanning thousands of kilometers with half the length found around the 1400 islands of which 169 are occupied, Crete, being the largest of them all, known for its olive plantation. One can undertake several adventure activities like parasailing, surfing, deep sea diving in these well equipped beaches, many of whom have been honored with the Blue Flag award for their state-of-the-art facilities and effective management of their resources. Shipping is the essential means of transport among these islands with several passengers or goods laden ships of varying sizes.

A third of the populations of Greek people reside in Athens, while two thirds reside in urban localities. Athens is the city with a captivating, culturally rich past. The Bernaki Museum is a must visit spot here. Acropolis is situated atop a hill in Athens. Acropolis with its goldmine of classic bronze and clay structures, glittering multihued marble work, the temples of Parthenon and Nike all reflect the great Greek influence. Acropolis is an architectural marvel with three types of Athena, made of ivory, gold, bronze and olive wood. The other key attractions are the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the first theater built and the Theater of Dyonysis where several troupe performances and ballets are held and the Delphi (site of ancient revelation) and Delos Archeological site with its rich past. It is rightly deserves its place as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Another place worth visiting in Athens is the Syntagma Square, a crowded place having the branch of metro which was laid down for the Olympics which were held in 2004 in Athens. The National Archeological Museum is a must visit site in Athens to get a feel of the varied art forms and the influence of Minoan culture.

greece-milos-island-1There are several important churches and monasteries dotting the place. The Greek orthodox churches of Byzantine with their classic wall paintings, pretty chapels, all depict the intermingling of fine art and prayer. The famous monasteries are those of the Aghios Oros on Mount Athos and the Meteora which depict the fine association with Greek’s cultural past. A flight from Athens to Santorini, one can find the Fira, a township situated atop a steep cliff high above the sea, which was formed by volcanic eruptions. The ancient excavation site of Akrotiri is located on the south shoreline from Santorini.

Olympia has evolved to be the focal point for many vital religious and athletic activities in Greece. It got global recognition when it became the venue for the prestigious Olympic Games.

Greece has a mouthwatering array of meats and vegetarian delights as well. Due to its mild weather, the place abounds in optimal grades of olive oils, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and seafood and feta cheese which is a definite foodie’s delight.

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