Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 6

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KeralaThe day opened up few jitters, but a sunny day with clear skies, soon after the breakfast we were off to our dream travel experience of lifetime, we passed through dense vegetation forest areas, as our bus drew along the silky path way, I could feel the cool breeze enveloping my hair giving me a good hair spa with all the natural conditioning. Everywhere I could set my eyes on was tea plantations along the slopes, up and down hill; the tea grows here in abundance as it is cold climate throughout the year. Some places along the roads, we could see minor landslides and tree falling due to heavy rains and strong winds yesterday night but it was all cleared up sooner and no mishaps.

I felt as if we are digging in the jungle to find its vast treasures, the first place we visited was the Echo point, as soon as I entered the site I could see a huge river like lake flowing from one end to the other, some of us started screaming the names loudly to hear the Echo, and we did hear the repetitions 5 to 7 times. It was an exciting experience as there was not much crowd set in there because it was early morning. It was a beautiful place and I could see the layers of mountains which were endless, we maintained the calm and serenity of the place by just gazing at slow fog like winds giving us goose bumps, it was cold but we enjoyed a lot. A quick photo session and we were back in bus listening to all forever green hindi romantic songs, everybody went in to their own romantic world then. KeralaAs we entered the route to Kundala dam, I could see lots of pulp trees around the way, they grow here in abundance, I feel, the long stems and roots must be present here since hundreds of years and must have seen generations come and go by. The long trees standing around made us feel so secured and the scenic beauty was such as if we are entering in some fairy land.

Along the way to Kundala dam, I could discover there were number of wild flower plantations around the area with beautiful colors and leaves I had never seen in my whole life time. The kundala dam is maintained by Kerala Hydel Tourism centre, it is widely known by the name Tront Lagoon, as soon as we entered Kundala dam, we were all excited for boating, some of us went for paddle boats, some for kashmiri shikara boats and we settled for rowing boat. There was no one around the lake; I think we were the first invitees to the place. The people here are so courteous and treat with you good respect, as soon we entered they guided us to the boats we would be sitting, the fiber boats we sat in were quite comfortable and were low so that we can enjoy a real time traditional boating. One localite named, Paul Raj sailed the boat for us, he clicked some wonderful pictures of us and we duly thanked him for this later. The lake is said to get dried up in the month of March, the current water levels were 55 feet and the maximum capacity of 85 feet during the peak monsoon season. The lake is 80 kms in length, it gives pleasure to the people who love to sail boat in a sunny weather.

As soon as we sat in the boat, he made us sit at the corners so as to balance the boat, and in no time we were right there in the middle of the lake, those 30 minutes were so exciting and fun filled I can never forget in my whole lifetime. There were little showers in the middle of our luxury sailing, but soon they vanished and we could enjoy the sunny sun shining bright on us. The lake’s water is used for generating electricity and later passed on for industrial purposes. The Kerala boatingexperience was really thrilling, the calmness of water took us all in the world of peace and happiness, it calmed our body, mind and soul. I was totally lost in its peaceful environment and in no time we were back, I wanted to sail more but people were already waiting for us in queue there! Back from sailing, I sat inside a local tent, munching on hot steamy Maggi being cooked with local chilly and onions, by the time I finished with my second meal for the day I was sipping a hot cup of ginger tea which was made with traditional ginger syrups available here, believe me, it was fabulous experience, I never tasted such delicious tea in my whole life, fueling my stomach I was browsing through small shop outlets where traditional wood carved items were on for sale, they were unique items made by local craftsmen here. There were wooden trays, wooden massagers, some fiber made statues of god and goddesses, key chains, etc. it was a wonderful experience talking to local people here.

Till the time I reached my bus, I saw our group already settled in, I rushed and we left for top station, a place located at the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, it is also known by the name Green Vergin Hilltop. We entered a thick forest reserve area, a property privately owned by Tata company in India, there was a narrow path way taking us deep inside the forest where you could just breathe fresh oxygen, there was no noise, no pollution, one side of the slope we could see the vastness of mountain with trees and varied plantations all over the place, we stopped at some places to click few photographs. The over all experience made me feel, that we are so small in front of mother nature, I truly dedicated myself to the environment there enjoying the cool breeze passing by and valuing the sanctity of the place.

day6aThe hilltop Panorama  is an eco friendly tourist resorts and amusement center, where we can get varied facilities like adventure camps, group trekking, culture program, buffet service, tenting camps, camp fire, etc. other regular facilities included umbrella, binoculars, comfort station, trekking assistance, relaxation, etc. It was a pleasant atmosphere and sun was playing a funny game with us, there were little showers with a bright sunlight playing Hide and Seek with rain. Overall, it was an excellent episode of my Kerala tour, climbing up was little difficult as it had uneven surface but I managed it willfully, back on the way to bus I dropped at a small shop outlet to have raw mangoes, spread with little salt and red chilly powder, it was very delicious and I encouraged others to have it too. A little of talks here and there and we were back driving to Hotel for our 3rd meal, after having food we were all relaxed for the evening, tomorrow we are going to leave for Cochin for my flight back to Bombay, I am a little upset as my days here in Kerala will get over but I am so pleased with my experiences here and will have these memories for lifetime.

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