Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 4

Travel Experience | | July 16, 2009 at 12:01 am


teaestateToday, the morning opened up with a bright sunny day, I could hear the beautiful chirping of birds outside my Mountain View window; I loved sipping a hot cup of coffee with lip smacking strawberry cookies sitting in the balcony looking at the vastness of forest reserves. It was a free morning as we did not had any places to visit in the morning so I went out on my own to discover alone, after a quick breakfast I went out hunting for traditional houses, the bamboo groves, staying in such huts is a pleasure in itself, the tribals in the interiors of forest areas stay in such houses. As soon as I entered the forest reserve area I could feel as if I am in a Jungle, there were various huts designed to look like traditional Keralite huts, each of them were named with bird’s name in Kerala, the different names of the huts were horn bill, sunbird (these were duplex huts), tree pie, peacock, oriole, trongo, lapwing, bluebird, wood pecker, swift, darter, etc. it was exciting to see these huts made with traditional cane and bamboo stick -  not a single drop of rain could penetrate inside the hut.

After browsing through these huts, I found out there were different programs set by Kerala forest and wildlife development Periyar Tiger reserve. mountainThese programs were Nature walk & green walk, jungle patrol, bamboo rafting, border hiking, Periyar tiger trail, bamboo groove, jungle Inn, jungle camp, tribal heritage, bullock cart discovery, windy walk, range scan, clouds walk, and lots more. If you are lucky then you can spot the leopard here, the tribals stay far off in the jungle area, they take you for trekking and they can even smell when wild animals are close by. All the talks with the receptionist there, made me thrilled and I have already started planning for my next vacation here. Back to hotel room, I was busy packing my bags, because after lunch we were supposed to leave for Munnar. Munnar is a hill station in Kerala situated 5000-8000 feet above the sea level and it is named from 3 rivers named Muthirappuzha, Nalathanni and Kundale. The place was supposed to be known as the summer capital of British in South India. I was getting so excited and thrilled about my next trip to this lovely location of Kerala.

In no time, we were set traveling in a luxury bus, a 5 hours drive from Thekkady to Munnar, along the way I saw beautiful mountainous ranges all occupied with tea plantation, as long as my eyesight could reach, I could just see tea plantations, there were no other species of trees around, I could smell the fresh tea along the cold breeze which was passing by. We were all shivering in the bus then, a little way ahead we could spot a waterfall which was real huge, the localtwinkling drops of water made me feel like diamonds are being poured all over the place. Just more half an hour of drive and we reached Westwood riverside garden resort, each of our rooms had no fans or no air-conditioners as through out the year, the climate is cold and summers too are pretty cool. The place was relaxing and I could see the river flowing with sand water along a small creek just opposite my balcony.

After refreshments, I thought of browsing in the market but after reaching there I discovered that the market is closed on Wednesdays here, although few shops were open here. It was difficult to get an auto rickshaw in the cold weather as it was already 8 in the evening, but I managed to get one and back in the hotel. Tomorrow is going to be a lovely day, there are a number of places to visit in Munnar, the manager is due to come in any time for our tomorrow’s arrangement, let me have a look if he has really joined our group, be there tomorrow to visualize the beautiful places in the lap of mother nature, the place so heavenly, so beautiful!!!

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