Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 3

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Just as I said in my last post, Periyar Lake is truly the lake which belongs to Mother Nature! At morning 8:30 am sharp, we left from our hotel rooms after having lovely South Indian breakfast consisting of Uthappa (as they call it) 123and Chatni (coconut sauce). We took entry pass tickets for our vehicle to go inside as it was a forest tiger reserve area, we passed through thick blanket of forest having wild plantations with some of the beautiful flower plantations around, some of us even got down to take the snaps. Although we dint saw any wild life there, the guide told us that you can see wild life only after going inside the forest area of 40 Km which was not allowed. Well, going ahead, what we saw next were huge ships and small boats waiting for us to take the prideful Periyar lake ride, we sat on the upper deck, I saw people coming from different parts of the world there, it was an enchanting experience, in just no time we were right in the middle of the lake, there were broad gigantic pass way surrounded by steep slopes with grassy covering and mountainous ranges which were all covered with nothing but plants and trees!

As the day was sunny, I was quite happy since morning as we would be able to visit different places of Thekkady peacefully without rains, but Kerala as we know is all about rains, if you visit Kerala and you don’t experience its rains then you got to miss out on something. I wonder why, visit to Kerala during monsoons is treated here as an off season, I find monsoon the best time to visit the place, Kerala stands 2nd highest in rains after Cherrapunji in India. Well, the boat ride was meant for 2 hours – return journey, after 15 minutes, I saw whole sky was cloudy and in not time I could see it was raining heavily, water was gushing in and it was too cold on upper decks, some of us went down on lower deck, it started getting too cold but I was enjoying the lovely rains and taking photographs in whatever angle I could. ohhThere were some exotic species of birds I could see, ducks sailing in and out of the water and some of the mountain ranges I could see buffaloes were grazing, I wonder how they might have travel at such height but I know we all have some abilities, so do they!

Back to hotel rooms, lunch was ready with typical Gujarati (language/religion) food. I enjoyed the meal; it was so tasty and yummy! Sharp at 2:30 pm we were supposed to leave for Spice Plantation, I never knew anything about the place unless I visited it for the first time and believe me, I was kind of feeling lucky having visited such places of the earth where only few lucky ones get to see. It was an elephant ride in to the spice park and later we joined in with the group who were being explained about varied plant species by the spice farm owner. There was everything which we use in our daily lives including the different types of species; I was amazed that I could actually see all this for real, never knew what we use are made from these, it was enriching to see them in raw form. There were mint plants, turmeric, vanilla, cardamom, clove, sandalwood, coffee beans and varied others. There were different herbs, the names which I cannot remember but I will surely make a point to write that herbs blog sooner, there were plants which could treat the toughest of diseases on the planet earth; truly, Kerala can treat everything you can think of! elephantIt’s said that the first ever chocolate was made in India, I was so excited than to know more of it and as the guide took us to more internals of spice park, I could smell various herbs, I was truly refreshed by the experience. I felt like I am in a total medicinal world with so many medicines and treatments that different ailments can be treated naturally. Truly, if you feel you want to treat yourself for any ailment in the world, I advice, to head straight to Kerala, God’s own country, I can say people here are God sent, no cheating, no fight, no fear, disciplined people with true knowledge, they will never guide you wrong for money.

Back in the hotel room I was little sad as I would be moving out of this lovely place, Thekkady, I will never forget the experience I had with nature and the people here. I was equally excited about the new place I would be visiting tomorrow; Munnar which is also a hill station, its specialty is tea estate gardens, back water rides, waterfalls and lots of fun too. Join me for more exciting story of Munnar tomorrow.

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  1. vareeja says:

    Very livid decription of God’s own country..makes for an interesting reading! truely loved it ‘coz i’ve been there and completely agree that rainy is the best season for a visit to Kerela! Simply awesome!

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