Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 1

Travel Experience | | July 12, 2009 at 9:36 pm


Finally, the day came for which I had been waiting for so long, the enchanting greenery, bushy forests areas, traditional bungalows, and lovely sea shores, my Kerala, God’s own country. After coming here, I now know why people call it God’s own! The place has its own unique specialty, although we might have read about it, but, unless you visit it, you cannot truly know its true nature. Its just one day and I am so rejuvenated with the vastness of greenery and unending sea shores.

keralaLast whole week, I had been so excited for visiting my favorite destination, let me take you to little bit of flash back about how it all began. Long back, when I had just started with blogging I came across a site relating to travel in India, especially Kerala tour, reading the article about this place I got an inner feeling to visit this destination once in my lifetime. And today, I am here, I was scheduled to reach airport early morning at 7:50 sharp along with my wife. We reached the place right on time and hopefully the weather conditions allowed us to arrive on time. The first thing that stuck me was its vast greenery, with bungalows located in the midst of forest like areas, I could literary smell the greenery in breathe; the cold breeze was pumping inside my heart like some oxygen. We enjoyed the ride through a very Indian car, Ambassador! It was quite spacious and luxurious, although all that dint matter for me but the greenery, I am in love with it!

The people here are so courteous and simple, wearing their traditional clothes, a simple shirt and as they call it Mund (its worn from waist till toes, a cotton white material clothing, fitted loosely). I dint quite understand their language, but we had our translator, our tour driver, talking to them, I came to know about Kerala Massages which are world famous, the first thing I got in my hotel and I have booked my Massage appointment for tomorrow. There were varieties, including Rejuvenation massage, General massage, herbal face massage, Obesity massage, etc. browsing through its menu, I could only opt for general massage as I dint had more time early morning then. So all waiting for tomorrow’s early morning 6:30 massage!

Well, then let me take you back again, the first place I visited early morning was a traditional Jain temple, there are so many places of historic importance here in Kerala, it was nice old historic temple having its own importance, then we had our lunch along with other tour members and became friends with. I was all excited for our next visit to the place called Alleppey, after reaching our Pagoda resort, we had quite a bit of good photo session with surroundings and traditional cottages here. After refreshing, we left for Alleppey Beach, as soon as we got in, I saw the beach was full of people around, I was more worried about the snaps which I wanted to click of just the beach but as luck would have it, it started raining real heavy, I missed on one point earlier, that of Kerala Rains, people specially come here during monsoons to enjoy Rains, yes, so as luck would have it, it rained and whole beach was empty in just no time and there I was enjoying the rains, all alone and clicking photographs like crazy, we enjoyed our first rains together, finally!

Back in hotel, refreshed ourselves and waiting for dinner time, just waiting to go to bed as I got way to early today morning not to miss my flight. Tomorrow is going to be more exciting day, as its massage, water rafting and lots of fun, join me tomorrow!

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  1. Jill Turner says:

    Beautiful pic and blog. You make Kerala sound so enticing.

  2. sakshi says:

    Great … i will definitely visit Kerala in the near future :)

  3. susan says:

    Ricky – who did you do your tour with?

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