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The International Kite Festival is a major event of the Gujarat Tourism Department and this year the state of Gujarat has decided to do more to attract tourists. The department has organized a Kite Festival not only in Gujarat but also in Mumbai and Delhi too. This was on January 7 and there were around 100 kite enthusiasts from many countries like Ukraine, china, Italy, Switzerland, Cambodia, Spain , UK, Netherlands, South Korea and Malaysia.

These people from these countries would then visit Gujarat for the seven kite festivals that are going to be held here with the event concluding on January 13 at Ahmedabad. The message given to all the participants and the tourists is “Chalo Gujarat” meaning “Let us go to Gujarat.”

Kite Festival

Around five million tourists have visited Gujarat in the last two years, and the government has now decided to develop a good infrastructure in around 22 districts. The tourism of Gujarat Corporation Limited is now concentrating on systematic planning for travel promotion many destinations in Gujarat under the Khushboo Gujarat Ki Campaign. The Planning commission has also given around Rs. 1200 crore to develop the coastal tourism here and thus Gujarat is fast gaining lot of popularity. It has incidentally the longest coast line of around 1600 kilometres.

Heavy snowfall in the state of Jammu & Kashmir blocked the entire Mughal Road which is a major road connecting major districts here. Most of the state left tourists stranded and helpless. The Mughal road is the backbone of travel tours here in this part of India. this road links Shopian in Pulwama district to Bafliaz, which is a town in the Poonch district.

Jammu and Kashmir Snowfall

Passing through the Pir Panjal range this is at a height of around 3505 metres. Many tourists were stranded in the Rajouri district for many hours and the traffic had to take a detour and go to areas, which had fewer crowds.

There were many problems faced by the tourists and the roadblock here has affected the business of the restaurants and hotels in and around. So people are finding it difficult to earn a livelihood here. There has been lot of cold this year and that continuous snowfall has also disrupted the water and power supplies.

The Mughal road got constructed in the year 1977 and is today a major road in this part of the Indian subcontinent. If it is closed, there would be lot of discomfort and inconvenience to all.

Harike Pattan Bird Sanctuary

The Harike Pattan Bird Sanctuary has opened up for the public and it has attracted a lotto attention since then. the state forest department at Ferozepur has permitted the entry of students for nature trails and thus the Bird Sanctuary is fast gaining lot of popularity. The sanctuary spans an area of around 8600 metres and s mainly for the birds and the tourists would surely love to feel closer to Nature here. This year the process has started and many students and researchers have already come to this beautiful paradise. Boating facilities could start from next year in the confluence point of the Beas and the Sutlej Rivers and this would be a major attraction for most of the tourists coming to this part of the world.

Travel news is happening across the world and it is only the simple incidents and small change that make up the news today in tourism.

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