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Bishop Rock is a small rock that is found in the western end of the Isles of Scillies and is very popular for the lighthouse and is famous in the world as the smallest island which has a building on it. This lovely 49 metres high lighthouse is a barrier between Atlantic Ocean and Great Britain. The initial lighthouse was started in the year 1847 and was made of iron but was totally washed away before it could even be started. Then the present building was completed in the year 1858 and was lit for the first time in the month of September in that year.

Bishop Rock is also the eastern tip of the route in the North Atlantic shipping line and was used mainly by the ocean liners in the initial years of the 20th century. The Lower New York Bay was the entry point from the western side. This was the route that was taken by the ocean liners when they used to compete for the Transatlantic speed record.

It was James Walker who decided to have a 120 feet tall lighthouse here with iron legs. The light was never lit here and then in the year 1851 the site showed a lot of difficulties,as the slope of the rock here was such that the stone at the bottommost layer had to be laid below the level of the water of the lowest spring tides. The tower finally got completed and in 1881, Sir James Nicholas Douglas inspected this tower. The structure underwent renovation and it got completed in the year 1887.

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The Bishop Lighthouse is many times known as the “King of the Lighthouses” and is a very magnificent structure. It is the second tallest one in Britain and is next to the Eddy stone Lighthouse and today it is a grand structure. Trinity House then had to get a helipad on top of the lighthouse in the year 1976.  In the year 1992, the tower got totally automated. The lighthouse has also been the site of many major film shootings. The lighthouse came into news in the year 1901, when a barque named Falkland struck the rock. Then the lighthouse was hit by her main yard. The Gilstone Reef and the Western Rocks are to the east of Bishop Rock.

Bishop rock is one of the most magnificent locales in this part of the world in South West England. It stands on a rock ledge which is around four miles to the west of the Scillies. The mighty waves of the Atlantic Ocean lash the lighthouse and the Bishop rock is today one of the most difficult sites where a structure like this could heave been built. The lighthouse has protected all the sea voyagers since the year 1858. More than 5,700 tonnes of granite were used in its construction. In the olden days the lighthouse had to depend only on lamps made of paraffin vapour and then earlier on it was candles.

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Today there are lot of batteries and generators that are available and also a helipad that was constructed in the year 1976. So visitors who come here come to the top of the lighthouse instead of coming by boat. Bishop Rock was then converted to an area of automatic operation in the year 1991. Today the lighthouse has ten floors and a maximum of four visitors are allowed to stay here for a week.

There is a control room that is located on the third floor. There are lighthouse keepers who work on the station either remotely or manually.

The Bishop Rock is really a great wonder and is a must se in this part of the world. The weather is glorious here and the place with its winter storms and gales is a true natural wonder.

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