Travel Panama City – Gold Panning Paradise Part-III

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volcanPanama City has a variety of nature havens that include 14 national parks, 10 wildlife preserves and dozen or more forest reserves. Gamboa Rainforest is a wonderful place to visit. The remarkable Canopy Tower is based in a structure erected by the U.S. Air Force in 1965 to stock up radar. There are several rooms in the tower from where one can view the magnificence of the neighboring rain forest, truly a bird spectator’s paradise. The Chirique Highlands has amazing forests and mountainous terrain as well as the tallest peak in Panama, the 10,000 feet high, at present latent Baru volcano.

The charm of the islands located off Panama’s Pacific coast especially thePanama Coiba, the biggest of them, is also a habitat to a national park. The beach areas of Playa Blanca and Nikki are tabbed for imminent expansion. One can visit the Presidential palace, Panama Canal Museum and Miraflores Locks subsequent to passing the Monkey Island. Many rovers and Explorer scouts navigate one of the Miraflores Locks during the annual ocean-to-ocean race.

cruise ship mira floreslockThe ‘Pilgrims to Portebelo’, the beautiful port that was named after Christopher Columbus in 1502, is the place where annually believers converge to honour the wooden icon of the Black Christ credited with shielding the town from cholera epidemics.

Panama City is a fast-paced and exuberant with its coast strewn with an ever-bulging number of skyscrapers. The pre-Lenten four day Carnival celebration is a ritual followed anticipating the end of the arid season, where no one is safe when the water trucks enter the streets of Penonme with a thorough dousing of all participants.

In the Plaza Santa Ana, one can hear the fiercest expression of opinions panamabeing voiced reminding one of London’s Hyde Park. The dissonant Avenida Central showcases the finest Panamanian tradition of hustling entrepreneurship, where merchants offer wares of the world in budget friendly options.

The city rumbles from unceasing flow traffic, clinking until the wee hours of the morning with the sound of slot machines in always full casinos, giving come-here winks to anyone with money to buy goods.

PanamaThe series of islands of Isla Colon, Carenero and Bastimentos offer good surfing options. The Isla Colon Island has the Paunch and La Curva reef, Outside and Inside Dumpers that have amazing swells.  The Silverbacks reef in Isla Bastimentos has some of the most treacherous waves. The Playa Largo and Wizard beach are enjoyable places to relax or surf.

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  1. adeely says:

    I’m always happy when travelers mention Chiriqui: especially The Gulf of Chiriqui which is sort of an ‘in the know’ choice that can still accommodate travelers with some amenities. It is about an hour from the airport in David and the wildlife and fishing there are really great. You can find a few places to stay(with varying prices) like Gone Fishing in Boca Chica and Cala Mia on Boca Brava which is a boutique ecoresort. The area is growing too, with another ecoresort coming to Isla Palenque in a year or two. All of these are a stone’s throw to Coiba.

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