Travel Panama City – Gold Panning Paradise – Part I

South America | | July 25, 2009 at 1:35 am


PanamaSome believe Panama is derived from an Indian word that means ‘Land of many fishes’ while others consider it stems from the Cuna Indian saying ‘panna mai’ that originated when Spanish soldiers met a Cuna, inquiring about where they could find gold, to which the reply was ‘panna mai or far away’ hoping that the soldiers too would also go far away.

In the Shape of a recumbent letter ‘S’, Panama widens out east-west for 400gold panning miles connecting South and Central America. With a varying width between 30-120miles, suffused by the Caribbean Sea on the north and the Pacific Ocean to the South, that gives Panama a sort of tumble-down effect. One could just pause to soak in the sights of the sun rise over the Pacific and set in the Atlantic, with splendid views of the ships drifting through the Panama Canal from the Atlantic Ocean. Since the isthmus is narrowest here, many of these ships land up 25miles east of where they made an entry. Partly due to this factor, Panama became the international shortcut, with as many as 400,000 gold rushers on their way to California passed from here.

national parkAs the dry season comes to an end, campesinos that inhabit Panama clear their land in preparation for the April sowing. Many are seen panning for gold along the banks of the Rio Boqueron close to the headwaters of the Changres which is the chief water source for the Panama Canal. Many of them are drawn to the Darien Wilderness that lies along the Panama-Colombia border for its virgin productive lands and gold. The Darein forest, principally the domain of the caimans and snakes serves Panama as an innate barricade against cattle disease and illegal settlers. The Darein is sparsely populated mostly by the Choco Indian tribes, one of the three main black tribes. The dark mysterious rivers of the Darein vibrate with insects and animal forms like tapir, monkey, ocelots amongst others. The Darein National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Humanity, spans 2,000 sq.miles offering splendid opportunities for getting up close to the brimming wildlife.


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