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There is lot of excitement and eventful changes in the world of travel. There is news coming from across the world regarding travel and tourism. Such travel news and more are what make travel a way of life and tourism a great industry. Come to the world of travel and enjoy the benefits of relaxing in peace and relaxation.

The UNWTO is believed to have at least one billion tourists in the year 2012. There are many international tourist arrivals that are expected to around a billion by the end of the year 2012. The UNWTO Secretary General is Taleb Rifai who has given details on what the agenda is for the organization this year.

UNWTO Secretary General is Taleb Rifai

A leading travel company which deals mainly with the wellness and well being of the tourists has started a brand like a programme which is a way of inspiring the travellers and provides them with a creative collection of the holiday plans. This has been so designed that it provides a great balance for a great rejuvenation and rest during the holidays. Discover the secrets of relaxation and get into the best travel pleasures through such offers.

Then again there is this travel news about Malaysian Airlines having unveiled a particular specification and design of the Airbus A 380-800 which is under operation around 3 times a week. This is on the Kuala Lumpur Router from the first of July. The second kind of A 380 would be introduced sometime in the month of August in the year 2012. The third such plane would be used for the Kuala Lumpur Sydney flights.

Malaysian Airlines
Spain would be hosting the World Tourism Day in the month of September this year in 2012. This is the 2012 official World Tourism Day which is held in the Maspalomas Gran Canaria. The theme this time is “Tourism and Sustainable Energy: Powering Sustainable Development.” In fact WTD 2012 shows the need to bring the energy contributors and the tourism sector together so that the tourism industry is benefited by the sustainability and contribution.

Pegasus has expanded the voice services and gives a great facility of yet another call centre. This is in the United States of America and it expects to give the best kind of booking and generates a lot of revenue support through four kinds of call centres. There are around 11 languages in which the reservations are operating and these serve more than 30 countries. In fact one major hotel chain has been able to answer more calls with more conversations thus resulting in more revenue for the hotel.

Lufthansa now opens a fully flat Business Class Seat. This will make its first appearance in the airlines B747-800 aircraft sometime in the month of April. There is a new seater which has a bed which is 1.98 metres and is part of the airlines’ investment of around 3 billion euros. This is a part of the airlines in flight product.

Then Expedia is reconstructing its hotel features and is adding on new things to encourage its looks and to bring about the best tourists visits. It has been incorporating a lot of reviews that its sister company is bringing about.

Sabre Travel network has thrown open invitations for the Sabre Red App Centre which is a market online which connects the travel agencies, the buyers and the companies managing travel and also the operators who deal with leisure activities.

Sabre Red App Centre
There is more happening in the world and such kind of travel news keeps the tourists and related agencies at par with the daily events in tourism.

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