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Travel to Turkey, a destination par excellence with a rich 5000 year old cultural heritage evident in its magnificent structures, gold hued soft sandy beaches, innate curative springs and mouth-watering gastronomy.

For the artistically inclined one can get lost in the maze of architectural marvels that dot the place. The Hagia Sophia Museum, a tortuous work of art which has seen the reign of several rulers, as it started off as a church, eventually being transformed to a mosque and finally the museum it eventually is. Aspendus, a primeval region atop a hill which has seen the splendour of the Persian and Roman era, is a well-maintained, enormous group of Roman theatres.

hagia sophiaThe gigantic heads in conical form belonging to Antiochos, Zeus and Apollo at Mt. Nemrut intended to commemorate the deceased were built under the reign of King Antiochos of Commagene, is one of most awe-inspiring sites in Turkey. The war commemorative plaque of countless Turkish forces who laid down their lives, are seen scattered along the narrow Gallipoli Peninsula, is truly a humbling experience.

Ephesus is one of the well-maintained spectacles globally which has the Temple of Artemis which is held in high esteem for being the place where St.Paul resided and gave sermons, which along with Pergamum is considered among the seven revered Churches of Revelation. Pergamum has the famed remnants of Acropolis, Asclepion – a healing center and the Red courtyard.

The geographical paradise of Cappadocia is the result of outbreak of major volcanoes and the ravages of nature that have etched out breathtaking formations of ravines and gorges. One can find views of numerous churches carved out of rock having elaborate frescos that were abodes to priests during the 4-11 centuries.

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also called the Blue Mosque, is an epitome of Islamic structural design with its six projecting structures, intricate array of domes, splendid green-blue Inzik mosaic that play colourful orchestra with beams of the sun.

The stateliness of the Topkapi Palace with its neat cluster of miniature buildings encircled by courts, proffers splendorous views of the Bosphorous. A shoppers ultimate haunt is the Grand Bazaar with its exquisite array of spices, pottery, carpets, leather items, exquisite jewellery to name a few.

The cluster of nine islands in Turkey, the famous ones being the Bakirkoy, Bosphorus and the Sariyer are an ideal getaway with their pristine settings. Get hypnotised by the majestic falls of the Upper and Lower Duden, or indulge in eateries, buzzing nightlife, pavilions in Istanbul and Antalya.

hagia sophianemrut dagu Travel to Turkey Topkapi Palace

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  1. Arfy says:

    I especially love Istanbul. My love affair with this city began 10 years ago when I did a weekend trip there and was blown away by the beautiful architecture of the mosks. I’ve since visited 12 times, and definitely recommend it as one of those must see destinations!

  2. visit turkey says:

    turkey is the most beautiful country in the world you can find everything beaches, holiday resorts,sea , pub, bars, what ever u want, you wanna great holiday pls visit turkey

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