Tours of Stonehenge: Simply Magnificent

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The world-renowned structure of Stonehenge is located nearly 90 miles to the west of London. The spot is can be reached through comfortable day trips from London.

There are a plethora of tours that are available from London to the iconic structure. Most tours to Stonehenge last for 45 minutes to one hour.

It takes a lot of time to visit Stonehenge. The stay at Stonehenge, too, is relatively short. Hence, there exists only one tour which does not cover other tourist spots.

Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath tour is one of the most popular tours of Stonehenge. Most tour operators have listed this tour as their flagship tour. In line with the mainstream tours, this day tour covers three destinations. Almost every tour of Stonehenge from London will include places such as Oxford, Windsor, Castle and Bath.

Most tours of Stonehenge utilize touring coaches. You can expect a pickup from the hotel during the morning. You may return during early evening. International Friends is an exception to the rule because they tend to use a minibus for touring. This bus can seat only 16 individuals.

Stonehenge is situated in a secluded spot. It has survived to this day owing to this fact. Day tours of Stonehenge from London are much more exciting than touring the site independently.

Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath Tours

This tour is arguably the most popular tour of Stonehenge from London. Travelers are blessed with the unique opportunity of combining Windsor, Bath, and Stonehenge in a particular day.

This tour of Stonehenge is available with most tour operators. The tour, without doubt, gives you value for money. If your tour itinerary has only one day, you can visit three unique destinations through this tour. You would not be able to achieve this through public transport.

Bath Stonehenge tour

Through this tour you get a unique opportunity to tour the region of Bath. If Bath is your preferred destination, do not include three destinations as part of your tour. Through this tour you can get a chance to spend nearly 90 minutes in the Bath region. This time is just enough to explore the Roman Baths or grab a bite into something delicious. Get a unique view of Bath through this tour.

Pay your visit to Stonehenge in the morning, availing of the Anderson Tour. You can tour Bath in the afternoons. This leaves you with three full hours to explore Bath.

Special Access Tour to Stonehenge

Tourists will find it challenging to tour Stonehenge during standard opening hours. You may be separated from the stones by only 10 yards. A low barrier ropes off the structure. If Stonehenge captivates you, walk between the stones by clearing the rope fence.

These tours are known as Special Access tours. They are held outside standard touring hours. Only two operators offer special access tours to Stonehenge.

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