Total Enchantment at the Iguazu falls

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If you are in South America, then you shouldn’t miss the Iguazu falls which is a great water body in this part of the world. Taller than the Niagara Falls this is a beautiful water body with around 275 cascades. Spread in a horseshoe shape and spanning around two miles of the River Iguazu and the falls are a result of a great volcanic eruption. This eruption created a crack in the earth and this is resulted in the Iguazu falls.

In the month of November when rainfalls, the flow of water increases and goes upto around 450,000 cubic feet. As the falls thunder down the 269 feet, the location of the Iguazu falls is a beauty to the eye and a total enchantment. These falls are divided into many smaller waterfalls. Iguazu is around four times wider than the Niagara Falls. They are divided into many water bodies like the Devil’s throat which is very popular. Then there is the San martin falls, and also the Bernabe Mendez falls besides the Bossetti Falls.

Known as Foz do Iguacu in Portuguese and as Cataratas Del Iguazu in Spanish language this beautiful blessing of Mother Nature is located on the border of Argentina and Brazil and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is easy to get here and flights to Argentina or Brazil would take you here.

Iguazu falls
The Iguazu falls belong to the jungle ecosystem which is protected by the Brazil national parks and also the national parks of Argentina. The cascade thus has the beautiful green zones of both the places on either side. Two thirds of the Iguazu falls is in Argentina and here you can thus take a tour to the Iguazu National park. Here the innumerable jungle trails and also he exciting hikes would surely keep a tourist totally enchanted. It is required that you spend a full day in this lovely park and enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna that greets you here.

It is always better to take a detailed trip to the Iguazu falls and not take the smaller trips as the falls in itself is such a delightful sight that a lot of time would be essential so that you get the best of the Iguazu falls. So get the best of the falls and the greenery here and enjoy the moment to the fullest. The view of the Iguazu falls from the Brazilian portion is very panoramic and there are facilities of helicopter rides which take you over the falls from the Foz do Iguacu. Take boat rides to these falls and enjoy the light here to facilitate better photos.

Iguazu Falls Helicopter
The Devil’s Throat is that part of the Iguazu Falls which give the best travel memories to this part of the world. Here there are around 14 falls that fall here from a height of around 350 feet and the force with which they fall creates a spray cloud of around 100 feet here. Get the pleasures of seeing the beautiful rainbow here. You can walk through the national Iguaçu Park and go to the foot of the Salto Floriano and take the lift to the top of the waterfalls and also walk over the falls at the place called Salto Union.

The Argentine side of the Iguazu falls gives you the best experiences of walks over the water as it gushes into the Devil’s Gorge. You would be given rain suits to protect yourself from the water sprays. Many areas are there where you could swim and it is important that you have guidance as you are in these areas.

Devil's Gorge
The Fall season and the spring is the ideal time to visit the Iguazu falls. The summers here are very humid and hot and the winter sees the water level coming down. Hotels on either side of the river and sightseeing facilities ensure that you enjoy your visit to the Iguazu falls.

The Rivers Iguazu and Parana meet at the place where Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina borders unite so this is a landmark for each country. So each country has made a landmark here with the colours of all the three countries in the place where they meet.

The word Iguazu comes from the Guarani word which means great water. It was lavar Nunes Cabeza who saw the falls first and the entire power of the Iguazu falls was not utilized till the Itaipu Hydroelectric power plant was built. This has been jointly constructed by Brazil and Paraguay.

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