Top Unusual Places To Visit In Japan – Part V

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Fuji Five Lake: A splendid way to derive pleasure from the trip to Mount Fuji at a rather unhurried rate from a quaint, innate surrounding is to head to the Fuji Five Lake located at the northern base of the mountain or make a trip to Hakone. The Fuji Five Lake region is situated at the base of the Mount Fuji at a height of thousand meters above sea-level among the splendid wilderness of the Yamanashi Prefecture. One can enjoy varied activities like trekking, camping and catching fish. The Lake Kawaguchi is the easily reached in comparison to the other four lakes namely Yamanaka, Sai, Shoji and Motosu.

Hakone, famed for its hot water springs, open-air activities, innate splendour and sights of the close by Mt.Fuji is hardly 100kms from Tokyo. Presently, several springs supply hot spring waters to the scores of baths and ryokan in Hakone famed for their extensive past and top class water. Ryokans are varied sized Japanese decor inns that are a must stay for all those that visit Japan. One can expect Japanese styled hospitality, stay, serving style, food and even certain etiquette and decorum to be maintained that is worth a try.

BOAT UNDER FUJIKoya-San: Japan’s largest and highly sacrosanct temple complexes. The trip to Mount Koya-san is quite uncomplicated with daily train service from Osaka with picture perfect locales on the way. From Gokurakubashi one would need to take a cable rail ride to the peak of Mount Koya Sen. The chief mode of stay at Koya-San is the temple accommodations also known as shukubo, a stay in which is an unforgettable experience. The shukubo is a conventional tatami carpeted room that has the extremely comfy hibachi-warmed bedding one could ever experience with two sumptuous vegan meals made in the time-honoured manner inclusive in the tariff. During the stay, an invitation to the morning prayers service must not missed. The chants in varied dialects truly have a mesmeric effect on one’s soul making one realise the phenomenal power of Koya-Sen.

The best part of the trip to Koya-San is a stroll during dawn meandering through the cemetery leading to Okunoin, one of the key districts of Koya-San. One can find countless graves and commemorative plaques that venerate the Mount Fuji Lake Kawaguchifamed luminaries of primitive Japan. There are ten thousand perpetually illuminated lamps in the lantern hall or Toro-Do in front of Okuno-in. Kobo Daishi, the founder of this temple lies in the Okuno-in.

A stay in the oldest temple in Koya-San, the Ryuko-in is a great way to sample the age-old traditions of the Japanese pious life.

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  1. Jim says:

    What an amazing idea to combine adventure sports with traditional stuff like traditions, prayers, chants & all. I kinda liked the idea. I will definitely go there when I am due to go there. Best part is that it is comparatively accessible & nearby.

  2. Katie says:

    I will plan a trip there. I don’t know when I would get time, but would 100% have a unusual vacation there. One thing I am really inspired by is that it’s a kinda variety that would keep anyone, including me, fascinated. You have made me think about it differently. I am happy for that.

  3. Harold says:

    Honestly Ricky, I don’t know why, but I wanna know why you didn’t mention the details of those 5 lakes. Apart from unusual stuff you do on lakes, I didn’t find anything brilliant about them. According to you, what is so special about those lakes?

  4. Addy says:

    The most exciting part according to me is that some rare & kinda strange stuff like a stroll through cemetery & chants is so close. It gives me chance to have more options than usual to have more fun stuff around without much time being spent over boring transportation. That’s terrific!

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