Top Unusual Places To Visit In Japan – Part III

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Toyako or Lake Toya: Meander through a fiery volcano that spitted just 2000 years back followed by a trip to the close by active volcano that soared to its present height within a year during the Second World War. The Lake Toya comes under the Shikotsu-Toya National Park. The scenic lake presents one with a multitude of activities like fishing, trekking and a chance to do some camping. The Toyako region has amazing hot springs and a still exuding volcano, Mount Usu that was last seen erupting in 2000 taking the eruption tally to four in the past century. One can take the Usuzan Ropeway that leads one up in close proximity to the Mount Usu’s peak. The observation deck at the upper station proffers spectacular sights of the Lake Toya and the close by Showa Shinzen, a young volcano perched close to Usuzan. A small stroll away lays a second observation area from where one can enjoy fine views of the ocean and the 1977 formed largest crater of Mount Usu. A walkable trail interconnects the Mount Usu’s peak with the western crater of the volcano created at the time of the 2000 volcano eruption. The yet fuming craters are noticeable during the exploratory walk undertaken through the trails located in the area. One could use the ropeway to come down from the Mount Usu peak downwards to the still expelling, Showa Shinzan, considered among Japan youngest mounts that swiftly soared from an even wheat field to present 290metres in two short years.

Mt.Osorezan: Infamously proclaimed in Japanese beliefs as ‘the entryway to hell’, with the setting at this location reminding one of a live setting derived from a horror flick. Quite literally the ‘Fear Mountain’, this 879 metres towering volcano lies in the heart of the Shimokita Peninsula Quasi National Park located in the north east Aomori region. For protracted periods of time, Mt.Osorezan has been believed to be highly sacrosanct, bearing mystical powers and infamous for the ‘itako’ that is a form of augur considered to have the ability to commune with the other spirited world of the deceased. Hoards of ardent Japanese throng the place to pay a visit to the itako at the time of the festival of the Osore-zan Taisai held during 20-24 July.

The sulphurous stench and vapour emanation noted on the mountain are caused because of the volcano. In the desolate landscape, one can catch sight of the solitary living forms being the black ravens that hover raucously over the dried trees, the lethal mamushi pit vipers that slither around or the resilient ugei fish forms found in the wan, yellowish green waters of the caldera lake. One can find the 9th century built Entsu-ji Temple that is devoted to the spirits of the unborn babies and deceased infants that are believed to be calmed by the images of the Mizukojizo Buddha. The close by Usoriyama Lake is also believed to be associated with the world of the spirits.

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  1. Louie says:

    There are always some stories & rumors around such kinda visiting spots. I think, it makes them more thrilling to visit than otherwise. What would you say, people?

  2. Sam says:

    That rope way to Showa Shinzan is kinda awesome. I don’t know how it’s gonna look like to come from one peak to 290 meters. It just sounds thrilling to me. Common, do let us know, if there is more such kinda action around there.

  3. Bill says:

    I really liked that picture of the top view. It’s really happening, man! Btw, why is it exactly called entryway to hell? I am just curious, you know, for I have sinned. LOL!

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