Top Unusual Places To Visit In Japan – Part II

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Hokkaido: This rather sparsely populated northern island of Japan is an ideal place for adventure mongers with its wide-spanning volcanic sceneries emphasized by dense forests, mountains and lakes. One must visit the finest national parks out here, the Daisetsuzan for its amazing, unblemished wilderness.

The widely famed Sapporo snow festival takes place in the initial part of the month of February in Hokkaido is great chance to view so uniquely carved sculptures. The east part of Hokkaido, Akan Kohan is the abode of the delightful ‘’, a form of rare algae which usually thrive at the base of the lakes, but float up to the surface to soak in the sun’s rays, making an illusion of beaming green hue all over. The Shiretoko National Park in Hokkaido is great place to experience the grand sights of the waterfalls cascading into an innate hot water spring pool.

Io-Zan: One must not miss out on a visit to the sulphur mountain, the Io-Zan in Hokkaido, situated outside the hot spring of the Kawayu Onsen. The Io-zan is an active volcano spitting out yellow sulphurous jets that are noticeable from close range with the travellers allowed to stroll around the periphery. The impressive Io-Zan peak towers to 512metres, although climbing on it is prohibited. There are some splendid trails that offer a pleasurable walk about the mountain with 2.5kms longest winding, even course winding through bushy and stunted brush area about Iozan leading to the visitor area of the close by forested part of Kawayu Onsen.

mashukoMashu-ko: Located nearly 15 kms south-east of Kawayu Onsen is the most pristine lake in Japan, the Mashu-ko. This incredibly translucent lake was venerated by the Ainu populace as ‘lake of the gods’ with the small island located on it deemed as their abode. Due to the persistent heavy miasma that swathes the lake surface it is also called the Misty Lake Mashu. A great way to soak in the finest views surrounding the Lake Mashuu is to trek to the summit of the volcanic mountain Mashuu-dake that oversees the Lake Mashuu and is regarded as to some extent an Observation Platform.

Kawayu Onsen: The quaint onsen town is idyllically placed for a trip to the closeby Io-Zan peak, Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo. One could unwind at the central part of the town, just facing the post office to soak one’s feet in the quite hot waters of the onsen. Nearly 45degrees hot and very acidic in nature, these waters have high concentrations of sulphur that give it the milky frothy look. It is surely one of the extremely remarkable onsen waters one can experience out in Japan.

japan sapporo snow festival Kawayu Onsen

Top Unusual Places To Visit In Japan – Part I

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  1. Carol says:

    It’s really unbelievable but I am rather curious about the safety while getting into Kawayu Onsen. It is on my itinerary. I don’t know, you know? I am not exactly sure that my skin can endure that. It’s litt.le sensitive. Thanks, anyways

  2. Daniel says:

    This really makes it confusing. I don’t know. Should I wait for Feb, because that festival & all sounds very exciting or should I carry forward the plans as I had thought before? I had plans of going there in Oct. Ricky, what do you think?

  3. Wes says:

    Dude, why is climbing on Lo Zan prohibited? I was thinking, it’s kinda cool to climb it. What’s the issue, man?

  4. James says:

    I find it quite a unique contrast to have volcano & lakes besides each other. It’s really thrilling. I think, Ricky, you always make such a small & easily overlooked things evident, which makes the destination rather more happening.

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