Top 5 road trip games

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Do you like to enjoy a long drive as the holiday break off, but often avoid as your kids get bored? Then this time plan your desperate drives with the entire family in a new way by implementing the road trip games. Yes, it is possible to have maximum fun for your family in your own car for no cost! It is just that you got to have an idea of something exciting. It is true that nobody likes to be at the back seat and to keep on spending the drive time as a bored fellow. But, this time there will be no boredom, no impatient shouts as to how far are we from our destination, and no whining. Have these 5 road trip games in your car and let your children realize that road trips can actually be more fascinating and enjoying than the chosen destination as fun lies more with a group, not in being a lone wanderer! By playing these games, you not only entertain your kids, but also indirectly help them in improving their gross-motor as well as other skills. And that many of these games are such that even you and your kids must have played, but hardly during a road drive!

Tic Tac Toe

Is there anyone in this world who does not know about this game? If I still love this game despite being of the middle age, I am sure kids are going to enjoy! Two players, a pencil or a pen, and the Tic Tac Toe template – just this much and you kick off the shrewd game of X’s and O’s. One places X, while the other writes O and it continues until one of the symbols gets three diagonal, horizontal, or vertical series. This is just time-consuming, interesting plot!

20 Questions

This is seriously meant for the young ones because of its simple rules. This is something that an entire family can play together. One of them thinks of an item, place, person, or an activity after which others will ask objective questions whose answer is either yes or no. And this continues unless the guess is made correctly.

I’m Going on a Picnic

For the kids above 5, this is the best memory game that features the use of alphabets in an order. The best part is that you need nothing to play this one, except for the presence of mind. With the entire family playing in one car, the game starts when one of the players speaks: “I’m going on a picnic and am carrying …” The left out word should be something that starts the first alphabet, for example, auxiliary battery cell. Now, the next player has to add to the sentence something starting with B. For example, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing auxiliary battery cells and bulbs.” And this game continues with the remaining alphabets. Now, if any player tends to forget an item, he or she has to quit the game and the last one to recite exactly all wins! However, be fair with your children by giving hints to keep them interested.

Connect the Dots

I remember playing this ‘make a box’ game and this is even my favorite leisure activity today. It’s now I understand that why all simple games are just the best of kids. Herein, more than two players can play and by using a different color pencil, they try to make their own boxes.

Name, Place, Animal, and Thing

With just a pen and paper in the hands of each family member, this is the most interesting games of all! One of the players starts to speak up all the alphabets in an ascending order in mind and one of them has to say ‘stop’ to obtain the last said alphabet. With this one, everyone has to secretly write a name, place, animal name, and a thing starting with that alphabet. On correct names, each player can score 40 (10 for each item). However, the condition is that no two players should have written the same names. For example, if the alphabet is ‘H’ and that more than one player has written horse as the animal, those players will deduct 10 from their score of 40. There is no end to this game until you choose to stop it personally. And when you stop, the player with the highest score wins!

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