Top 4 untried things to do in Curacao

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The Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao neighboring Aruba is well known for its water sports and great beaches just like any other island. It is common among the tourists to hit an island during the summer vacation to get some soothing breezes and palm shades while reclining on the beaches and to experience some cool thrills via the water sports. But, have you ever thought of exploring a completely different side of an island where much of its glorious past treasures are yet untouched? Think from this angle and you know that Curacao is one such island that is full of unique things to do that you are still unaware of such as farm visits and culinary walking tours. So, this time, stop visiting the best attractions that have become common and choose the unknown things to do that are still very uncommon.

The best feature of this island is that it is outside the hurricane belt, which means that you can think of visiting this destination without considering the mood of Mother Nature. Further despite the fact that the locals speak more of customized Creole and Dutch, they are well versed with Spanish as well English; which certainly breaks the barriers of communication on your visit. So, what are you waiting for? Just start to plan and see how a Dutch island can turn your trip into a special sojourn whose experience is unrivaled, unique, and untouched!

Register for a Caribbean Cooking Class and a Culinary Walking Tour

This is something unique for all the cultural explorers. Food is a vital part of any destination’s culture and learning to cook the same is just diving into the ocean of cultural flavors and aromas. With this, it goes without saying that food is a great way to discover the appetizing culture of Curacao. Take up a culinary walk via the ancient city as well as the World Heritage Site of Willemstad, halt for some time to taste a fruit smoothie best offered in the neighborhood of Otrobanda, get into the Punda prefecture by crossing the bridge, step into the Floating Market featuring the veggies as well as fresh fruits, and enjoy the lunch at the Old Market no with the tourists, but with the locals at the Yvonne di Plaza.

Or else, become a bit active and learn the local specialties at the Otrobanda’s Angelica’s Kitchen that is located at the Hoogstraat 49 in Willemstad. For more information, visit

Experience the Herbal World

When it comes to the herbal remedies for skin, a majority of people will recall Aloe Vera that is the best source of over 70 nutrients. Further, its gel is used in curing the skin ailments, while its juice is favored as a dietary supplement. With this, I am sure it would be very exciting for you on this island to learn about its harvesting process. And while you are doing so at the Aloe Vera Plantation in Santa Catharina, just do not forget to pick some authentic aloe products. Do get some more insight by visiting

Have you heard of any herbal garden where spa-like treatments are given? If not, get ready to rendezvous the Dinah Veeris’ Botanical Garden in the Banda Riba where you are healed as well as pampered as if you are in a spa. This is where you experience the Caribbean traditional herbal treatments. Dinah has grown more than 300 wild medicinal plants here due to which you can try some herbal gels and soaps. Know more about this one at

Spend some time with ostriches

This is a must to experience, especially when you are traveling with kids. Get into the Curaçao Ostrich Farm in Santa Catharina where a ‘photo safari’ will not only get your family closer to these strange birds, but will also reveal several unknown facts about them. Overall, it is a fun as well as instructive encounter. Before you come here, explore for some smart information.

Explore the excellent museums and galleries

In Otrobanda itself, you will come across the Kurá Hulanda Museum ( that is an anthropological home of the exhibits that reflects much of the major cultures on this island. Some of the major highlights focus on the African slave trade, origin of man, Antillean art, Mesopotamian remains, as well as the West African empires. The next recommend gallery is the Gallery Alma Blou ( in the same neighborhood with beautiful displays of Curacao sculptures, pottery, photos, paintings, and handmade jewelry. And lastly, do also take a tour of the Mon Art Gallery ( that is the home of the excellent art works of the island as well as of the Caribbean.

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