Top 4 remarkably inexpensive places to eat in Paris

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While you are in one of the most expensive cities of the world called Paris, it is very obvious for you to look for some great restaurants that can offer delicious food at reasonable prices. We all know that a tour to any European city can really cost a lot and so there is always a yearning in all the tourists to look for some affordable ways and means to control the same without compromising with the quality as well as fun. And one way to do is to find some affordable restaurants, cafes, or places to eat in Paris irrespective of whether you are a gourmet or not. So, to ease your task, here are some of the favorite restaurants or places to eat that are notable for its quality food at decent cost.

Rue Saint-Dominique

This is the street in the neighborhood called the 7th Arrondissement that is famous for its top attraction – the Eiffel Tower. With this, it is obvious that you are surely going to spend much time here and so, there is a need to know about some great spots to eat. Fortunately, a few traps offering genuine French food welcome tourists. Look for the following three restaurants here.

Located on 139 rue Saint-Dominique, the Café Constant ( is opened for lunch, afternoon menu, and dinner. This one is accessible by the Ecole Millitaire Metro and is opened daily. The respective meal timings are 12:00 to 2:30 pm, 3:00 to 5:00 pm, and 7 to 11 pm. The décor is quite simple here, but do not be put off by that as it truly belies the taste as well as the quality of food served here. The main feature of this typical French brasserie is that you are served a seasonal menu that features only the best market products that are available. It is well managed by the famous chef Christian Constant along with Eduardo Jacinto Avelar as a young chef both of whom offer a delicious meal including starter, entrée, and dessert just at 23 Euros.

The next one is on the 131 rue Saint-Dominique: Les Fables de la Fontaine ( offering lunch as well as dinner daily from 12:30 to 2:30 pm and 7:30 to 10:30 pm respectively. However in this trendy French bistro, prior reservations are mandatory. If you come here, you get to taste the special cuisine of the Basque Country situated in the southwest of the nation. Although it is reasonable, get ready to pay a bit more for the food of very high quality. Including a starter, dessert, and a daily specialty, the weekday lunch will cost you €30. It is interesting to know that the chef Sébastien Gravé and David Bottreau are actually trained by Christian Constant who runs the above cafe.

La Fontaine de Mars ( is the third option on the 129 rue Saint-Dominique that too requires prior reservations for hearty meals. Open from 12 pm to 11 pm daily, this typical Parisian bistro is truly a gourmet paradise run by Jacques and Christiane Boudon who love to cook and serve traditionally. Here, the daily special is plat du jour that will cost you €20, while both the afternoon as well as the night meals including an appetizer, dessert, and the main course will demand somewhere around €55. And you will love to know that President Obama has already savored the flavors here.

Rue Cler street

Lastly, on the 29 Rue Cler street, the Le Petit Cler bistro takes care of your all three meals of the day. Rue Cler is a beautiful avenue where you will come across several bistros, shops, and markets. However, this one is just the best. This ancient-style eatery is actually a La Fontaine de Mars property that features a wonderful atmosphere on an affordable scale. For 12 Euros, you can taste the daily specialty called the plat du jour, while market menus like sausages, cheeses, planches with Poilâne bread, and much more are available for €10 to €15. Further, a filling meal will demand €25 per person. Prior reservations for weekend lunch are always suggested.

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