Top 4 dinosaur homes to explore in UK

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Right from kids to elderly, we all love to see dinosaurs irrespective of in movies, museums, or as effigies in parks. These giant creatures attract our eyes as soon as the focus is on them no matter where they are. Nowadays, it is considered a great pleasure to spot these towering beings as they reflect a lot of the incredible historic ages. That is why; it is of no surprise that the museums are showcasing the Dinosaur exhibitions that feature either the real or genuine-looking artificial fossils along with the skeletons. However, more than museums, what surprise an enthusiasts the most are the actual sites on the planet, which even today contain some tangible evidences of the life of these creatures. So, for those who love the Jurassic Park movie just because of the dinosaurs, here are some great sites in UK to explore the remains of the real dinosaurs.

Isle of Wight

The lovers of dinosaurs as well as the seekers of their fossils fly this islet that is accessible from the Britain’s south coast. One of the important dinosaur sites is the Compton Beach where there exist countless fossils as well as dino footprints in the rocks. For a complete educational explore, look for the Dinosaur Farm Museum close by (01983/740844) where the staff will show you all possible things right from the sandpit to the bones. Watch the assistants repairing the real bones, while your children are indulged in fossil sandpit, the 3D dinosaur jigsaws, and dinosaur rubbings. Another interesting it at the Sandown town where the interactive museum called the Dinosaur Isle in the shape of a colossal pterodacytl houses the dedicated gallery housing the remodeled carcasses, fossils, two animated dinos, and life-sized fleshed models.

Jurassic Coast

Expanding from the west of Dorset to the east of Devon, this is the UNESCO World Heritage site of 85 miles preserving the richest fossil-hunting site in UK along with the myriad of dinosaur museums. Charmouth is the most famous spot located in the middle whose cliffs are lush with the ancient animal relics. However, you should not hammer or dig in the cliffs. For some great fossil-hunting education, the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre is the best place to be with its rock pool strolls, fossil-hunting walks, hammer renting, and information on how assemble the remnants responsibly. By the way, this was the area where more than two full skeletons were found in the last century. So, you potential for the finds are really high! Visit for more information.

If you are coming in late April, your best spot will be the little Lyme Regis town where the Fossil Festival as well as the chapel hosting the Dinosaurland are the major attractions. For more knowledge, visit and Additionally, just a few miles inland, take a tour of the Dinosaur Museum in the Dorchester town.

The Fossil Coast

Engulfing some 35 miles from Staithes to Flamborough along the Yorkshire shore, this is the beloved destination of the prehistory lovers who love to explore the footprints, bones, cliffs, and beaches. In this area, the major attractions include the Robin Hood’s Bay and nearby Whitby port offering footprints on beaches and the Whitby Museum; Port Mulgrave featuring fossils of reptiles but not recommended for children due to its high difficulty level of access; guides and trails from the tourist offices; The Moors Centre at Danby with a Dino Club, walks for exploring the Jurassic life, and fossil-identification family days; and Scarborough’s Rotunda Museum.

Lavernock Point

Located close to Cardiff and stretching between Barry and Penarth in SW, this is the site of enchanting colorful cliffs with Blue Lias limestone – formations during the Jurassic and Triassic times. That is why these cliffs are the homes of the fossil vertebrae of several aquatic reptiles including plesiosaurs. What you need to see is the investigating series of bone beds nearby to look for reptile and fish bones, scales, teeth, and coprolites (dung) along with the dino footprints.

Do also explore the town of Cardiff where the major attraction for you is the National Museum of Wales with its gallery called Evolution of Wales housing a model of the SW landscape that used to exist before 200 million years. So, you can easily spot here the dino footprints, skeletons, as well as the samples of prehistoric aquatic creatures living off the South Wales shore and Dorset.

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