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You will find many Disney Themed parks around the world. And no one can avoid going to these parks, though many get fixed to visit in Anaheim California and Orlando Florida. There is nothing wrong with that, those parks are wonderful but you should not underestimate Tokyo Disney Resort. It is full of such exciting rides that no other themed park in the world has to offer. You can check it out while you are on your trip to Tokyo. The Disney Themed Resort is divided into seven several section, which cannot be explored in a day trip here.

Tokyo always does bigger, so wont regret coming here! The themed area of this park is Tokyo Disneyland. Per ticket will cost you around sixty-four dollars and you can also get tickets in bulk and multi-day tickets. There are many general parks you can go to and plus the rides and entertainment section, that also you cannot missed out. The whole place has showy lights, shows, rides that are flashier and better than USA’s Disney Parks. One whole day is not enough, at all, to see these rides!

Tokyo Disney Resort
As you enter the Tokyo Disneyland, you will get confused where to start from as it is divided into seven sections; World Bazaar, Adventure land, Western land, Critter Country, Fantasy Land, Toon town, and Tomorrow land. Each of the themed parks has something unique and different kinds of rides and shows to offer. If you feel hungry there, do not worry about the eateries there. There are shops and dining areas available, to eat and drink after trying some pulsating ride and walking, exploring the park.

Tokyo DisneySeaIf you do not mind getting wet and love, water then you should not miss out Tokyo DisneySea section. To explore this section, better to come next day, as it needs another whole one day to try to see all water rides, amusement, adventure available here. The theme is inspired and based on the Disney movies that feature water like Little Mermaid. You will need different tickets to enter Tokyo DisneySea, as this park is separate. You will get combination tickets on discount nut better option would be buying multi-day stay tickets. But you have to but different ticket to enter in this park, as it is separate from Tokyo Disney Park.

Who says so, Disney Parks in Tokyo is only for children! The Park is designed for both, children and adult, to enjoy together. There are easy rides for children available and adventurous rides for only adults, families can and enjoy this park together.

Cirque Du Soleil TokyoAt a distance from Theme Park and adjacent to DisneySea, is situated Cirque Du Soleil Tokyo. It is a must see theater in the area. Thus, because of its popularity, the tickets are expensive but make sure you book good seat with good ticketing deal. The theater shows regular shows of the most well liked Cirque Du Soleil Shows. And only children will love it but adults will also enjoy, watching it!

After hectic day of screaming your lungs out on rides and having fun, you can relax and get lazy at Disney Resort Hotels inside the park. The rates are high but really good to stay in. But to have food, you should get out of the park to Tokyo’s cheaper meals and better service. Tokyo is filled with delicious street food and restaurants to have food. There are many hotels nearby the park which will cater according to you need.

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  1. Ana says:

    Sounds amazing.Would love to go there.Looks like so much fun.

  2. Drew says:

    Tokyo and US are the 2 destination where disneyland is the best ever made!

  3. Celine says:

    People are aware of Tokyo’s Disneyland but they don’t know that it is as amazing as US.

  4. Cameron says:

    I’ve visited Tokyo and had been to disneyland. It was awesome! I just loved there. Till date it is my best holiday :)

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