Tikal…Place Of The Remembered Voices

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The city is the largest known city of the Mayan Civilization and is located in Northern Guatemala. It was one of the major cultural and population centers and is also the largest excavated site in the Americas. The city remained a mystery for centuries after it was abandoned by the Maya in the 10th century and the city was lost in the jungles. The city consists of thousands of ancient structures and decades of archaeological work only a fraction has been excavated.

The Mayan civilization created magnificent temples and excelled in the arts, astronomy and culture.The main surviving buildings in the city are the six large Mesoamerican step pyramids. One gets to enjoy the panoramic views of the city from the top of the pyramids. These pyramids are over 60 meters in height and support a temple structure on the top. Temple of the Great Jaguar also known as Temple I was built around C.E. 695. The Moon Temple also called Temple II was built around C.E. 702. Temple III was built around C.E. 810. The most amazing and the tallest of the temples with a height of 72 meters is the Temple IV and was built around C.E 741. Temple V has no tomb and is also called the Lost World Pyramid and was built around C.E. 750. Temple of the Inscriptions also known as Temple VI was built in C.E. 766. Apart from the pyramids there are also remains of the royal palace, numerous smaller pyramids, palaces, residences and inscribed stone monuments. During excavation archeologist also found a jail with wooden windows and doors. Also discovered were the seven courts for playing the Mesoamerican ballgame. Yet to be mapped and cleared is the 60 square kilometer residential area.

The Morley Museum has some of Tikal’s most valuable ceramics and objects. In the Visitor’s Center there is another museum, which houses the Stelae of Tikal. Today Tikal is part of the Tikal National Park. Tikal was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. It is advised to take a two day tour to cover the heritage site and one should try to plan it on a full moon night to see the real beauty of the site. Single day tours are also available. The closest city to the heritage site is Santa Elena at a distance of 64 kilometers. Santa Elena is well connected to out major cities in the American continent by Mundo Maya International Airport.

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    There are thousands of ancient structures at Tikal and only a fraction of these have been excavated, after decades of archaeological work. The most prominent surviving buildings include six very large Mesoamerican step pyramids, labelled Temples I – VI, each of which support a temple structure on their summits. Some of these pyramids are over 60 metres high (200 feet). They were numbered sequentially during the early survey of the site. It is estimated that each of these major temples could have been built in as little as two years

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