Thriving Success Of Vancouver: Spelling Magic Allover The World

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Nestled midst lovely ocean and snow-clad mountains, Vancouver is a spectacular spot flaunting shimmering scenic beauty. Its impressive business center connects a narrow peninsula encircled by Burrard Inlet to the North, English Bay to the West, False Creek to the South and the Greater Vancouver sprawls to the South until it meets the Fraser River. Encircling its pleasant waterfront are dazzling beaches, vibrant port and stunning parkland flaunting swaths. The spectacular glass-covered skyscrapers overlook the Burrard Inlet and the active harbor to the residential districts of West and North Vancouver.

Ahead of the cozy suburbs, looms the steep Coast Mountains and the verdant slopes, both these combine and render a vivid appearance to the business center’s horizon. The city also provides most of the spectacular outdoor playgrounds. The 1.9 million populace of Vancouver grab the utmost out of the postcard-perfect natural settings to the fullest. In the meanwhile, if they get bored of the city life they move onto the incredible wilderness that is housed in the interiors of British Columbia. The natives are quite fortunate to be blessed with spectacular natural landscapes as they can indulge in any form of recreational activities ranging from sailing, hiking, swimming, skiing, golf, tennis or anything else according to their whims and fancies.

vancouver tourism If they get exhausted by the fast pacer lives, they can take a break to tour in the vicinity for rejuvenating their tired senses. Round the year- be it summer or winter, the city snuggles in hedonism and healthy living. One can leisurely recline on the downtown beaches, and the most striking amidst them is the string of West Coast beaches, an idyllic fascination that spell-binds by flaunting sophisticated arts and culture.

vancouver attractions Art-enthusiasts will be fascinated after viewing the outpour of stunning display of arts and culture in west coast. In addition to its array of splendid arts and culture, there are top-notch pleasing art forms like museums, symphony orchestra, opera, theatres and dance companies which have left their impressions as breakthrough performances and stand above the contemporary arts. Festivals get a chance of mushrooming forever throughout the mild, rarely if rains, summer and numerous music concerts serve as an emerging platform for talented rock bands and jazz performances.

fraser river Despite its above flourishing scenes, it doesn’t seem to be content and endeavors constantly for growth in other sectors. Its business scene is one of the noteworthy ones, the Canada’s third largest city has a swift pace of business and this can be attributed to one of its rooted port that is loaded with massive tonnage of raw materials, culled from the Canadian interiors like lumber, wheat and other such materials. It alone puts forward a gigantic collection than all the west coast ports like Seattle, Tacoma, San Francisco, Portland and San Diego contribute together. However, its burgeoning port credits all the glory to Vancouver’s location as a ‘Gateway to the Far East and its key role in the new global market of the Pacific Rim. In addition to its money-spinning alignment, it is fortified by a two-way flow in traffic i.e. in the past decade Vancouver has been surged with Hong Kong Chinese also called as “Yacht People” whose large immigration has escalated the property prices and emphasized city’s reputation as ethnically-integrated metropolis.

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