The Workout Junkie’s Holiday

North America | | August 23, 2010 at 1:52 am


I have a couple of pals who wouldn’t even think of a single day passing by without their workout routines in place. It almost seems like they’re obsessed with their workout regimes. But the truth of the matter is that, they’re definitely fitter than I am.

But then again, most of them hate holidaying, because they hate missing out on their workouts. Add to this the binge-eating that holidays generally bring with them. Voila! Quite a deadly combination, don’t you think?

Here are a few options of holiday destinations in the United States where you could relax some and work out some. Problem solved? We think so!

Row Your Boat – Princeton, NJ

The best part about rowing a boat is that few other sports might actually help you develop both – endurance and power. That is the beauty (and burden, as some say) of rowing. According to Olympic rower, Steven Coppola, the Carnegie Lake close to Princeton makes for the perfect training ground (or water) for him. The stretch of the lake is almost three and a half miles long. It is also generally well protected in terms of wind; and this makes it row-able at most times.


Dribble the Ball – Memphis, TN

There is plenty of action on the courts of Halle Park which is located at Memphis, Tennessee. The grounds stay open 24 hours and are well lit. There are a lot of one-on-one matches that happen on the ground; and this makes things even more interesting. If you manage to keep your defender off his/her balance, you’ll do just fine.


All about Clubs and Holes – Bandon, OR

Hillocks and 100-foot cliffs, this is what makes Bandon Dunes in Oregon such a wonderful place to hike. But wait, there’s more. You could actually play golf amidst all this beauty. But be prepared to walk, because there are no motorized carts. The idea would be to opt for chip-and-run shots while you keep the ball in your stance.


Swimming the Waters – Austin, TX

Barton Springs in Austin Texas is said to be six times longer than the length of an Olympic length pool. The water here is untouched by chemicals; and watching the clear water bubbling up through a natural spring does have its own joy. This is one of the reasons why it is so famous when it comes to swimmers. Since it is like a long pool, you don’t lose momentum in turns.


Running the Intervals – Manhattan Beach, CA

Sunny California is home to the Manhattan Beach which generally ends up attracting A-list athlete celebrities. The reason: It is extremely interesting to run on sand which is low-impact, which means it is easy on your joints. But then again, it adds to instability and thus, lets you work on your core and legs. This is what makes this area so popular for the workout junkies.

Manhattan Beach

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