The White Horse Temple of China

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The White Horse Temple is regarded as the oldest ancient temple in China. The entire area of the temple is covered by green tree, which are believed to be as old as the temple. The greenery surrounding this Chinese temple offers the area extreme tranquility and solemnity. Just outside the temple’s gate, there’s a pool surrounded by fences. The water of the pool has fishes of different varieties, jumping and playing around the water and entertaining the visitors coming to the white Horse Temple.

The current building of the temple is a rectangular structure facing the south. The basic architecture of the White Horse Temple is influenced by ancient styles and is kept intact for more than 1900 years. The architectural features and the interiors of this temple is significantly influenced by the features of Indian temples. Although the basic structure of the temple is kept intact, it has undergone a number of renovations between 1952 and 1973.

The White Horse Temple covers an area of 40,000sq. m. Other than the main temple building, the area includes a number of other attractions for the tourists; for instance: the Buddhist sutras, the famous Great Buddha Pagoda, apartments for the monks, the golden Buddha, grottoes etc. You will have to drive through a path of 7 miles for reaching the temple from the Luoyang, a city in the western Henan province of China.

This temple plays a great role in the history of Buddhism of China. The temple’s role in international cultural exchange is also extremely significant. If you want to get informed about different aspects of Chinese Buddhism there’s no better place to visit than this one. You will need to spend RMB 35 for entering the White Horse Temple. The temple stays open from 7.30am to 5.30pm.

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