The Timeless Syrian Saga

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No! Before you begin to connect Syria with a land of terrorists, or fanatics or alike; its time to rise up from false media projections. To the contrary, of what is commonly gathered of Syria, this middle-east nation is one of the most hospitable countries to visit with very friendly people who treat guests with much warmth and friendliness. Once you come to Syria, you love Syria forever!

Syria city

Like it is said, ‘Simplicity is most beautiful.’ It can be similarly summed up for Syria whose undying charm comes straight out of its effortless enigma. However, the commercialization plan is high up on the agenda of Syria. Especially post Bashar-al-Assad entrance into the lineage to take charge of the country. Today, Syria stands as a leading destination and a nation with an open outlook evolving by the day. Though, not a scowl of uncontrolled commercialization to eat away the rugged charm, the splendors of the yester-years stand with an uncompromised richness that turns the sandy lands of Syria with a hint of magic dust.

Boasting a regal past coupled with a remarkable line of marvelous structures passing the test of time, explorers have a lot in store to look forward to while in Syria. The variety of attractions found over here are a chronology of the ancient influences of the Christina, Ottoman, Roman and Greek cultures. With such a diverse cultural past, it comes as no doubt how Syria strikes a chord with the visitor coming from any place, because it is an unusual oneness that unifies one with the spirit of Syria.

Visiting Syria can quite like be compared to being exported straight to the magical land of Aladdin. With bustling bazaars under a canopy of canvas tarpaulin, traditionally called the Souqs displaying vendors selling fruits, vegetables, grains and even a lot of varied antique collections is definitely a great place maybe not exactly to shop, but just to take an experience of the perfect Middle Eastern vibe. Abuzz with historic architecture offering many great sights and structures of marvel, the ancient and archaic cities of Bosra, Aleppo and Damascus and the very archaic city of Palmyra which essentially boasts the ruins that makes the place so worthwhile. All these cities are proclaimed as World Heritage sites under the wing of the prestigious UNESCO. The sacrosanct mosques built under the rule of the Ummayad Empire stand as structures of dignity and much magnificence caught in a spirit that touches straight to the soul of the visitor. For the locals, such marvels are rather woven into the fabric of daily life as places of worship. The local Syrians pray in these marveled mosques, shop away in the souqs, sip on tea at home and a getaway comprises trip to the ruins. With an ever inviting and friendly charm, they don’t quite mind if travelers tag along as well. The gastronomic affair in Syria is another trip one should definitely look forward to. With a super cool culinary culture, your platter can never quite be empty.

Syria mosque

The cities of Syria

The city of Bosra:
This city of Bosra, has been under much historic layers being the Nabataean capital around the first century BC and also has been a capital of the Roman Province of Arabia back in 106 AD. This is what makes the town of Bosra so unique and a place worth-visting. Also referred to as Bosra ash-Sham is like nothing but a dark town of basalt featuring a citadel and a well-preserved theatre from the Roman period which still can be spectacled in this town of Bosra.

Bosra citadel

Bosra is also in close proximity with the majorly revered site of Krak des Chevaliers which can be considered to one of the finest castles in the world. Today, the Krak des Chevaliers is unarguably the greatest place of tourist attraction in the whole of Syria. It is a halt on any of the Christian sacred sites of the Holy Place. Unlike any other Syria’s crusade castle, the frescos of the Christian at the Krak des Chevaliers have rather remained unmarred, paving way for the travelers who appreciate the medieval structures a noteworthy site. Paul Theroux, an author of the French origin, thinks of the Krak des Chevaliers as a fortress of innocent childhood dreams.

Krak des Chevaliers

The city of Aleppo

The city of Aleppo boasts that perfect Arabian Nights feel, with bustling bazaars and people following the same business norms since centuries now, Aleppo maintains its quaint and vivid vibe that is true to the authentic culture of the Middle East. From the frenzy sounds of the horse drawn carts to the donkey still transporting items on the back, to the lingering fragrance of exotic spices, roasted coffees and succulent culinary delights of shwarmas among many more.

This city listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site may not be the same way bustling with crowds as it did, when a significant stop on the Silk Road once upon a time.

The city of Damascus

Last but by no means the least; the city of Damascus is a great hub of not just tourist attraction but a great center of religiosity. If legend story is to be believed, Prophet Mohammad while on his journey from Mecca, his gazed from the mountainous side to Damascus, but didn’t enter the city as he wanted to embark on a paradise just once, at the time of passing away to a higher abode.


The city of Damascus can be said to be one of the oldest cities of the world, and also winds a thousand stories in its heart. Damascus has always been a coveted capital from the religious point of view, as the Barada River gushes through the mountains that surround Damascus and more particularly the place where Prophet Mohammad stood. No other city other than Damascus could be so culturally and historically charged as this.

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