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Modern Skyscraper technology has advanced to a point where we are seeing taller and taller buildings.  As a result, on an average every 5 years we hear about a new ‘Tallest building’.  It was not so long time ago that the Empire State building was the tallest in the world.  Today, when we talk about the skyscrapers, we refer to the Petronas Towers, the Shanghai World Financial Center, the Taipei 101 and the Burj Dubai. All of these engineering masterpieces are unique in Petronas Twin Towers of Malaysiatheir own way and are considered to be the tallest and the best the world has seen.  Let’s have a look at them below in more detail.

Let’s start with the Petronas Twin Towers of Malaysia.  These towers have the distinction of being the tallest twin buildings in the world.  The towers stand at a height of 1483 feet.  The towers are connected by a sky bridge on the 41st and 42nd floors.  The unique part of this bridge is that it isn’t connected to the building.  The bridge is designed to sway in and out of the building, to prevent damage in times of high winds.  These towers have used a unique construction style using super strong lightweight cement instead of steel.  The cement fares far better during times of wind and it also weighs much more than steel.  However, the main reason why such a heavy structure is intact is the strong foundation.  The Towers boast of the largest foundations laid in the world.  The foundation of the Towers is dug 120m deep into the earth.

The second tallest building is Taipei 101, consisting of 101 floors above ground and 5 below ground.   This building has the distinction of being the first skyscraper of this size to he constructed in the new millennium.  The Taipei 101 is an engineering marvel considering the fact Taiwan is located in a monsoon area with strong winds and frequent earthquakes.  The Developers had to design a structure, which could withstand these forces of nature.  Engineers came up with an ingenious solution and called it the tuned mass damper.  This mass damper is suspended between the 92nd and 88th floor and is an astonishing 660 metric tons in weight.  It also acts as a pendulum, and moves slightly to compensate for strong winds on the building.  Tourists can easily access the 89th and 91st floors for the observatory and can have a glimpse of the mass damper.The Taipei 101 is considered to be Taiwan’s proudest possession.

Taipei 101

We now visit the pride of China, the Shanghai World Financial Centre (SWFC).  This tower has 62 office floors along with the Grand Hyatt Shanghai, which is the tallest hotel in the world.  The height of the tower is 492 meters.  The SWFC has three observation decks for tourists and are located on the 94th, 97th and 100th floors.  The 100th floor observation deck holds the record for being the tallest in the world. The most interesting aspect of SWFC is the trapezoid located at the top of the building.  This is said to make the building look like a giant bottle opener.  On the awards front, The SWFC was voted the best skyscraper of 2008.

Shanghai World Financial Center

In terms of optimum use of building space, the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Towers) is the best in the world.  The Willis Tower boasts of the highest number occupiable floors and also possesses the tallest roof top deck in the world.  This Skydeck, located on the 103rd floor features recent innovations such as a glass cabin popularly known as “The Hedge,” which extends out four feet and has a glass bottom to enable visitors see the street below.  The Hedge can withstand up to 4 metric tones.

Willis Tower

Finally, let’s have a look as the Burj Dubai, which now holds the distinction of being the new “Tallest skyscraper in the world” as it opened its doors to the world on 4th Jan 2010 .The Burj Dubai is the icing on the cake for a city that has seen such explosive growth over the last decade.  The height of the building is 2625 feet, which is way above the skyscrapers we have seen in the past.

burj dubai

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  1. Shaun says:

    Its huge very very huge! What an architecture!

  2. Morray says:

    Salute to all the people who must have planned and designed to make these classiest buildings and also to the workers who has made it possible.

  3. Feroz says:

    What a master pieces created by the men! God is great to give the ability to person to think and initiate and create all such tall buildings on the earth!

  4. Shanky says:

    Dubai is known for its architecture! Huge malls! Classiest buildings like Burj Al Arab and now the tallest Burj Dubai!

  5. Vicky says:

    I’ve been to Malaysia and obviously have to see Twin Towers. It looke superb especially in the dark when all the lights are on! I just wonder how can people create such beauties! :)

  6. Dion says:

    I was in Melbourne for almost 2years and I had been to skydeck for 2 or 3 times! It was a great experience! You could see the whole city from 89th floor! It was looking so preety. I had gone in the evening before sunset so that I can see in the day as well as in the night!

  7. Madonna says:

    In the pic only it looks so beautiful that it has to receive the best award! And next to it the tallest hotel on the earth GRAND HYATT!!

  8. Zedge says:

    I’m just wondering how the hell architectures and engineers must have created these sky scrappers? What a creation!

  9. Dwayne says:

    The hedge is really great! It pops out of the skydeck to get the clear view and they have also a camera to click pics with the background of the city! Of course its charged around $10.

  10. vareeja says:

    Burj Dubai is indeed an engineering marvel of the 21st century. Dubai is the new architectural hub of the recent times! Simply fantastic!

  11. Ben says:

    the architecture is wonderfull…. what a tall building… its really awesome…
    the architect of dubai is indeed as marvellous guy…

  12. Benic says:

    Burj Dubai’s engineering is fabulous… its simply marvellous

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