The Sinful Clubs in Las Vegas

North America | | March 4, 2010 at 12:05 am


Las Vegas nightclubsLas Vegas the city of sin! All around the world people come here to enjoy betting and win big! But what’s other thing can we do except playing black jack or poker till dawn or wander from one casino to another testing our luck? Other aspect of Las Vegas that attracts many tourists of all ages to, are the nightclubs. No one can return just trying their luck at casino without dancing and getting into trance with the loud music, dance and drinks! As Las Vegas hosts, some of the most prestigious and elite nightclubs in the whole world, single and couples find plenty of opportunity to freak out here. As most of the nightclubs are hosted or owned by the celebrity, so you have a good chance to bump into one celebrity at least. Here you have plenty of option to choose for your kind of music and budget. But it’s worth going once to the best nightclubs in Las Vegas. The nightclubs, we are going to tell you aren’t for faint hearts or those without deep pockets. The nightclubs we are mentioning to you are the finest and most recommended by the people.

PURE – Partygoers who have seen and partied here all night long will agree with me. It is the most famous and respected nightclub in whole Vegas. It is known for its elite décor and relaxing upscale surrounding. The best part is this club is affordable for good night out at club. The VIP entry ticket will just cost you around fifty dollars. This club also offers rooms which are cozy and different from each other. If you are lucky enough you will get to see Pussy Dolls performance, rain clubas they often seen performing here. Even though the VIP tickets are affordable that doesn’t mean they will allow you in shorts and t-shirt. The Club maintains its high reputation of sophistication so better dress classily to impress.

Rain club:

Here most of the crowd you will come across will be young couple or singles searching for another single. The age group of the crowd who like to come here is between 21years old to 31 years old. The best part of this club is the lighting art that attract most of the party lovers. Many VIP access option are available and often Paul Okenfold performs here.

Las Vegas nightclubsTABU being smaller and calmer than other clubs in Vegas is well known for its sophisticated crowd, elegant lighting and cozy environment which gives trance like vibe. Money is not everything here until unless you don’t look sophisticated and sexy. Entry is strictly based on clothing style here. Once you get entry, you will just flow with the music here!

TAO is blend of both club and restaurant. This club is the most expensive club in whole Vega. The interiors of the club and restaurant, both are themed according to Asian cultures and colors. The club’s atmosphere brightens up by the attractive models that prance around the club. The food costs equally expensive as much as entry fees of the club! Reservation is must before coming to this club. As far as dressing is considered, Asian themed clothes should do.

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  1. Rocky says:

    This is the place where sin is not a crime :)

  2. Blackwood says:

    You can have the most wildest nites of your life in any damn place in Las Vegas.

  3. Bell says:

    There is no limit in Las Vegas. You can have fun till all your veins are not dead! Always party to the CORE!

  4. Mac says:

    World’s best casinos and world’s best clubs and world’s best hotels! Las Vegas is a dream destination for all :)

  5. Sydney says:

    If you are going to United States, all the places can be missed nut Las vegas never ever going to be missed.

  6. Jamie says:

    This place is like heaven in hell!! Party harde and earn in casinos the hardest :)

  7. Percy says:

    If you thinkin you will try to relax in the hotel and chill, then this thinking will be the most pathetic of your life!

  8. Jackson says:

    IF you are in Las Vegas, single or couple it doesn’t care! Many singles turn here couples till the end of the party.

  9. Gordna says:

    Each and every clubbhere is unique and best in their music. Celebrities and famous people is common here to see.

  10. Joseph says:

    This place is one of the top destination of the world to visit, one of the top clubs to go and one of the top destination to party!

  11. siril says:

    all the places in america could be missed if you visited, but las vegas can never be missed,, coz tats that beautiful.., the rainhouse and rain dance, and especially the couples would have a great time..

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