Mystery Islands Of Italy – Part 1

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The Mediterranean islands spanning Italy are bursting with stunning locales and enthralling facts, right from Alicudi to the amazing Capri.

Alicudi, the secluded, serene fisherman’s island, which is an enticing volcanic rock in the middle of the sea with surrounding cerulean waters, bears proud listing as an area of special interest in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This island lies off the north coast of Sicily, home to about a hundred some people, has amazing display of flora and fauna, and wandering birds during the spring and summer months.

capriPalmarola is the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea with its sparkling clean waters, weathered coastline speckled with caves, inlets, ledges and rock faces. Ideal for the solitude seeker with yacht charters available on which one can view the picturesque views of the caves and majestic rock formations caused due to corrosion and sea battering.

Capraia is the volcanic origin, third largest island which acts as a one-of-a-kind ridge that pans the entire island. One can find unique species of wild animals like goats and rabbits, and wonderful opportunities to scuba-dive and explore the underwater paradise and rich flora and fauna. The enchanting San Giorgio Fort and the Grotta della Foca caves generate immense curiosity.

As one rises above the Moneta Quarter and Passage, one arrives at the Caprera islands, which was once the sequestration home of the great hero, Garibaldi, whose home is now the key tourist hotspots in Italy. The scenic views atop the pink granite mountain tops of Teialone and Poggio Stefano leave an imprint on one’s soul. A visit to the miniature caves of Cala Coticcio, or a leisurely walk towards the inlet of Cala Brigantina lying below the mighty Teialone peaks is truly mesmeric. Close by are the magnificent beaches of Cala Portese and Cala Andreani known for their innate peninsula that separates the island from Sardinia.

Capri, located in the Naples Bay, is a preferred destination amongst the affluent, the Roman era rulers, people from the arts and literary fields and several high-end fashion houses. There is carnival like atmosphere during the sailing competition held in May and the swimming marathon organized in July. The island’s most alluring sights is the Blue Grotto best viewed through miniature boat rides, where the sun’s rays play magic with the caves and the waters, creating glistening hues of blue light in the water. The island’s innate rock formations, the Faraglioni is one of the several archetypal sights one correlates with Capri. Anacapri, the town at the highest altitude proffers pleasant sights of the haven below. Remnants of about twelve Roman villas with their classic baths, and Sea Palace on the Mount Tiberio are a must watch. The Villa San Michele with its warehouse of precious art forms and threshold to awesome views of the place. The breathtaking sights of the 800-odd primeval steps called the Phoenician Steps, from Anacapri leading to the sea is truly endearing. The Marina Piccola has a wide array of delectable eateries, gorgeous beaches with bathing areas.

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