The Johannesburg Art Gallery of South Africa

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Johannesburg Art Gallery is situated in the Joubert Park, which is in Johannesburg’s central business district. The building, in which we have the art gallery today, was made based on the design of the famous British architect Edward Lutyens. The building has sculpture gardens and fifteen exhibition halls.

The museum showcases artworks belonging to the 15th century till the present times. Here, you will come across Dutch paintings belonging to the 17th century and specimens of European and British art of the 1700s and 1800s. Besides all these, the place also houses several remarkable South African artworks from the 19th century. Other than this wide array of medieval artifacts, the Johannesburg Art Gallery is also home to a huge collection of contemporary art i.e. artworks accomplished by artists of the 20th century. Here, you will get the opportunity to view works of both international and local artists.

Johannesburg Art Gallery

The first collection of this museum was arranged by Sir Hugh Lane; this collection was exhibited at a London event in the year 1910. Soon after the event, the collection was purchased by a group of art collectors from South Africa and made the first showcased items of the Johannesburg Art Gallery.

Johannesburg Art Gallery interior Johannesburg Art Gallery interior

If you visit the museum today, yoArt of Camille Pissarrou will get to see works of great international artists like Dante Rossetti, Auguste Rodin, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Henry Moore and Edgar Degas. The museum is also home to works of some of the greatest native artists of South Africa, Alexis Preller, Sydney Kumalo, Maud Sumner, Walter Battiss , Gerard Sekoto, Pierneef and Ezrom Legae to name a few.

During your stay in the city of Johannesburg, you must make sure that you visit the museum at least once; more so if you are a lover of art and culture.

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