The Cultural Tour around the beautiful land of Zimbabwe

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Come to Africa and feel the beauty of being in this land of absolutely charming customs and traditions. This is one land that would give you the best of travel delights and that would give you the reason to be in this part of the world.

Zimbabwe is the ideal land to be in if you really want to indulge in the pleasures of the most fascinating land in this part of the world. Most of the Zimbabweans come from the great family of Bantu and these Bantu speaking migrants are the first who came to this land some 2000 years ago.

The eastern highlands of this lovely country of Zimbabwe saw the iron makers and also the farmers settling in this high veld and middleveld regions of Zimbabwe.

There is a culture that is very distinct in Zimbabwe and this is the Shona culture and it is a culture that is existent here since ages.

The Zulu warriors who are believed to belong to the family of King Mzilikazi did not come till the first half of the nineteenth century. Today they make the major community in Zimbabwe – the Matebele and the Ndebele.

Zulu warriors
The majority of the Zimbabwean population is made up of the Bantu speaking communities even though they have come very late here.

There are many other ethnic groups which is inclusive of the white Zimbabweans and these are those African residents who are believed to have the British origin and also some of the Asian ethnic groups like the Chinese and the Indian.

Sometime in the 10th century, there was lot of trade between the Phoenicians and the shona. The Shonas ruled the people and they are the ones who are believed to have built the ruins in Zimbabwe. So the ruins that we see in Southern Africa are the structures that are located in this part of the world and are a great sight to see. These ruins are supposed to have some 20,000 inhabitants. These ruins span over 1800 acres and they cover a land of around 100 to 200 miles. The ruins of Great Zimbabwe are totally built of stone and here is where we also find the Zimbabwe Birds.

Zimbabwe Birds
In the western part of Zimbabwe we find the Vadoma people who are locally also called the ostrich people. They are also called the two toed tribe. Vadoma two toed tribe are those who are born with a genetic defect where the middle three toes are missing and the two outer toes are turned inward. This gives them the appearance of the ostrich feet. The Vadoma are not allowed to marry anyone who does not belong to their tribe and the defect is thus passed from generation to generation. Hence these tribes are known as the two toed tribe.

Zimbabwe has some of the finest forms of African art. The Shona stone sculpture is popular world wide and you would find that it sells for greatly extravagant prices in this part of the world.

Each piece of African art expresses a story that is in the minds of the sculptor. This is the only place in Africa where you would surely find an unbelievable work of art. The Matabele who are popular for their wood carving, are also seen here. There are many hardwood varieties exhibited here and the Rhodesian teak is famous amongst them.

Zimbabwe people are very talented and so their beadwork, basket ware, pottery, jewellery and such things are very popular. These goods are popular across the world and most of the artists have fled the country due to political turmoil thus depriving the world of such talented works.

Beadwork Zimbabwe

Africa is a land of ancient culture and traditions and believed to be the land where the world began. With its intriguing sights and interesting culture, Africa has always remained an area of interest for the tourists. Amidst this lovely locale, Zimbabwe is a must see and any traveller coming here would surely enjoy this lovely region.

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