The Casa de la Independencia Museum, Paraguay

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The capital city of Paraguay, Asunción houses one of the country’s most exciting tourist destinations, the Casa de la Independencia Museum. The museum was opened for public viewing on the 14th of May, 1965. The museum is adorned by a number of segments and rooms, each of which boasts the touch of Spanish elegance. Here, we are discussing the most prominent rooms of the Casa de la Independencia Museum.

The Office Room:

This place is probably the biggest witness of the fight the Paraguayans took part in to earn independence. All the important documents related to the action taken by the freedom fighters are preserved in this room. Majority of these documents have signatures of the patriots of Paraguayan independence. There are also painting related to the independence of the country.

Dining Room:

The interior of this room has distinct influence of the colonial style of living during the early 19th century. You will get to see a sword owned by Fulgencio Yegros. The walls of this room also carry works of famous painters of that era.

Living Room:

The living room of Casa de la Independencia Museum has furniture belonging to the 1830s. The designs of the furniture are based on the French style of that time. Majority of the furniture contained a combination of bronze and wood. Here, you will come across full-size portraits of Fulgencio Yegros and Pedro Juan Cabalero.


This room has a bed used by Fernando Mora. The wall on the right side of the bed has a portrait of his. The room contains many other objects used by Fernando Mora preserved with care.


Here, you will get the chance of observing some great Franciscan and Jesuits carvings. This part of the Casa de la Independencia Museum has many other objects belonging to different religions.

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