The Bush City Of World: Canberra

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canberra cityCanberra, won the round of being the capital of Australia in the fight of Sydney and Melbourne. Though Australia is more famously known for its cities Melbourne and Sydney, Canberra has epitomized face of Australia; it has carved itself into one of the niche city in Australia and all over the worlds. Canberra has its own charm that brings people all over to visit this city. It is the only planned city in Australia, it was based on the designs of city designs of Chicago architects Marion Mahony Griffin and Walter Burley Griffin. The city was heavily influenced by the Garden city movement. It has earned the title of Bush Capital.

Canberra is one phenomenal city, for it’s the administration hub, cultural center, with best education facilities and class apart infrastructure. It has housed many governmental departments and agencies, with many social and cultural institutions of national significance. They are:

  • Parliament House

Parliament House

  • The High Court of Australia

High Court of Australia

  • Australian War memorial
  • National Gallery of Australia
  • National Museum of Australia: one of the most architecturally daring buildings in Australia.
  • National Library of Australia

Canberra is small home to wineries. To sum it up the members of this small is somewhere one hundred and forty wineries in Canberra. The wine lovers flank the city, as you can visit these impressive wineries and also you can get educated about the functionary of winery. These wineries are mostly half an hour distance from the main city. You may even get a chance to crush those berries, while you are there! And trust me its super fun to do that. Kids love it and girl friends lust it. The wine from Canberra is famous and most accepted in the world because it is of the fine quality, good taste and gives value to the money. The wines are exported too.

You cannot fully touch the soul of Canberra until you discover Canberra’s national museums, galleries and so much more. Canberra tells the story of Australia, its history, culture and its lifestyle all is housed here in these national Australian War Memorialattractions. It offers intriguing insights in chronicle of Australia as some far way continent to modern country it is. A visitation to these sites is utmost important, to delve into history in the Parliament house and Old Parliament house.

Only of its kind is the Museum of Australian Democracy which is in the Old Parliament, it has been dedicated to memoirs of Australian Democracy stories. It’s amazing to see the International Flag Display, some 90 flags flying in some two rows, which acknowledges the United Nations. It’s between the High Court and National Library. The saga of Australia’s is written in the Australian War Memorial.

The Black Mountain Tower, gives the spectacular view of the Canberra, feel the city rushing in you, as the wind gushes by your face blowing your hair. It is hell of a place to be, to have paramount view of city night or day. It has significance for the telecommunication of Canberra. There is a gallery which you can visit and sit and relax at Alto restaurant.

The city offers the greenery which most of the cities in world now lack, it is the BUSH CITY of the world, it’s integral in the city plan for the parklands. This gives an excellent opportunity for you to go hiking in the numerous trails these parks in city offers. All within the city limits of Canberra you have such a beautiful habitat being offered and you can go and view it and be part of it. Just take a stroll in sun rise or sun set, in the park reserves to see the Kangaroos (its just so Australia), emus, wallabies, koalas( those cute little tree hugger!) and hear chorus of birds. The major destinations that you can head to are:

  • Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve:  45 minutes drive.
  • Australian National Botanic Gardens: 5 minutes drive. Its time to indulge yourself in beautiful collection of Australian plants. The living Fossil, the admired the Wollemi Pine and just walk through these trails in the rainforest gullys, wandering through the towering trees and gear native birdsongs. With some 6500 species of flora, on vast expense of forty acres of land. The Garden has been divided into the climatic regions and garden is organized accordingly that allows growth of those region specific floras only. Its vivid experience to see the different types of plants growing from deserts, rainforest, mountains etc at very same place.

australian national botanic gardens

  • Cockington Green Garden: it’s the city of cities. the miniature display of world cities and their detailed buildings(miniature), just marvel those figurines placed, sounds and movement attached brings them to life, explore this impeccable gardens in the very old fashioned steam train and a very good place to have picnic.

A highlight place in Canberra, where you should take children definitely is National Science and Technology Center and canberra zoo aquariumthe National Gallery. It’s very educative and impulses children with curiosity and inspires them. The National Zoo of Canberra is best for kids to take as they can see the wild life in the best way there in the most natural surroundings. With a gigantic shark tank children will revel and have fun with education. With so much to offer for your kids in Canberra, that you will be chasing them and would have to run up after them to keep up with their enthusiastic spirit.

And as the sun sets and city light livens up the city, Canberra looks exquisite in night time. You just have to live it up her for its nightlife is all fun. There is hell of traditional pubs, pumping and thumping clubs, and cocktail lounges, various bars which have good live musical performances, sports bar and more. Check out your luck with the casino’s and spend the night by watching cinemas of the latest blockbuster movie and live performing arts. For the young crowd Canberra has offer of bowling alley, golf course and ice-skating.

Girls just hold on to your money, for you have such good places to do shopping here, you will get everything that is offered in the fashion, beauty and electronics here. There is a supermarket with some 200 shops, so it’s just shopping time girls, but remember the money will get short of but Canberra’s market will still have products for you.

Canberra, oh! So amazing Canberra, a beautiful city with blessing of nature to its modern lifestyle.

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  1. Paul says:

    Canberra, the capital of Australia! The city where there is no age limit to enjoy! From children to senior citizen and wine lover to nature lover.

    Many places worth a visit such as wineries where world’s best wines are made and exported all over, bush city where you can find region specific gardens and floras, national zoo , stunning Alto restaurant in black mountain towers. A revolving restaurant from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of Canberra. National museum which is one of the finest architectured building. Readers can spent nights in the National Library with a wide range of books.

    Whether its a day or a night, there is not much difference in the city. Its full of joy all the time! After tiring day of shopping in the market of 200 shops, here comes the night life. Pubs and bars where people can enjoy drinks with live band performance, children and youngsters can have a ball in bowling alleys or movies or ice-skating, sports freaks can fight against their rivals in sport bars whether its footy (national sport of Australia) or soccer or cricket!

    In all,Canberra a place to be with the complete experience of fun, education, luxury, nature, wild life, infrastructure,adventure and everything!

  2. Jacob says:

    One of the amazing cities I’ve seen!! you just get into the flow with the city once you reach there! simply marvelleous!

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