The Buda Castle of Budapest

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The Buda Castle is the historical palace and castle complex of Hungarian kings; the name of the castle is derived from its location i.e. Budapest. The castle was established during the 14th century; the people originally responsible for building this castle were Angevin rulers, who were then ruling Hungary. In the following years, this castle got destroyed and was rebuilt  several times. During the initial years after the construction of the Buda Castle, it was also often referred to as the Royal Castle and Royal Palace.

The exact location of the Buda Castle is the Castle Hill’s southern tip. It has Castle District bordering its north. Castle District has an absolutely medieval setup; it is home to a number of public buildings, churches and houses of the 19thcentury. The parts of the castle that you should not miss during your visit to the Buda Castle are:

The Buda Castle


The castle’s ballroom is situated in the Baroque wing’s 1st floor. It is meticulously decorated using the Baroque artwork of 18th and 19th century. The ballroom of the castle was adorned by these decorations during its post-war renovations.

The Buda Castle Ballroom

Palatinal Crypt:

It is the only room that is still surviving at the Buda Castle. The Palatinal Crypt was used continuously by Habsburg family’s Hungarian branch from the year 1920 till 1927. The crypt underwent several reconstructions and each time it was decorated with fascinating artworks, statues and frescoes; each of the work of art used for decorating the crypt was made by some of the most renowned artists of 19th century.

The Main Staircase:

This monumental part of the Buda Castle is present in its Krisztinaváros Wing. This staircase will take you to a glass roofed, airy hall of the Krisztinaváros Wing’s first floor just with 3 flights. Side walls of this hall boasts designs made following the Italian Renaissance styles.

The Buda Castle Main Staircase

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