The Brahmaputra River Rafting Expedition

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Come to the land of Arunachal Pradesh, and enjoy the pleasures of the greatest kinds of river rafting experiences here in this land of adventure, thrill and excitement. Come here and experience the best sights of the River Brahmaputra and enjoy the paradise that this region is. As the river Tsang Po flows eastwards towards the Tibet region, it cuts into the Greater Himalayan region and enters Arunachal Pradesh. This is the spot which is the venue for the Brahmaputra River Rafting Expedition. This is called the Upper Brahmaputra or the Siang.

Brahmaputra River Rafting
The itinerary is filled with a lot of pleasures of rafting and adventurous escapades and gives the tourist the best fun filled moments ever in this part of the world.

The expedition starts by arriving at DelhiĀ  domestic airport, where you can then take a flight to Dibrugarh. You reach Dibrugarh by late afternoon and here you would visit an ethnic weaving centre and also a heritage tea garden.

On the second day, you would be taken to Pasighat by boat which is around 80 km from this place. The boat ride takes around 8 hours. Here you would see the River Ganges and also a lot of dolphins. This is the place where a lot of migratory birds come and also live in this land of travel pleasures. Enjoy the birds coming from Central Europe and Siberia on the road to Pasighat.

On the third day you would drive along the River Siang through the adivasi villages. The settlements here are extremely mesmerizing. The lush green tropical rainforest here give the traveler the best sights. You would reach Tuting by evening. Here you can get into tents and relax.

The fifth day would find you relaxed and you can sort out your gear and have an interaction with the local tribals at the Jedu village. This is if you have the time.

In the afternoon the rafts would be ready and you can have an idea of how the experience is going to be in the briefing that you would be given. There would be paddling command and rescue procedures. You would stay overnight at Tuting.

On the sixth day you can go from Tuting to Pango which is around five hours. Here you could encounter the Class IV Ninguing Raid and then cross the rapid at Palsi and reach Pango. AT Pango you can set up a camp and stay overnight. The campfire experience is extremely exciting.

Brahmaputra River Rafting camp
On the seventh day you can reach the Cherring Camp from Pango. Her you can scout and also enjoy the pleasures of rafting at the Pango rapid and reach the region of Marmong and Ningguing where you get to see some of the best gorges. Here the remotest jungles with the most impenetrable forests come into view and they give the most fascinating experiences.

You would pass the Rikor rapid and also the Zebra Rock Rapids and reach Cherring. At Cherring you would camp overnight.

On the eight day, the rafting tour proceeds to the Marmong gorge and you would negotiate a lot of rapids and then float till the Alubadi Yinkeong region. Here you would camp for the night.

On the ninth day you would raft to the Geku Twins camp. The rapid is mild here and at the Alubadi beach you would have great pleasures with the milder flow. Then there is the Nubo suspension bridge you would cross and then as you raft down the “karko killer’ you would reach the Geku Camp where you would stay for the night.

The tenth day is a rest day at the Geku camp.

On the eleventh day you would raft from Geku till Sangam. After Geku, you would begin a long float till you would pass a lot of Adi tribe settlements on the way then flow past the place where the Siyom and the Siang rivers meet. Here y you would then reach the Rotung village and here you can also transfer all your stuff into dry bags.

On Day 12 you would go to Pasighat by passing the Ponging area. Here at Pasighat you would park your rafts and then drive down to the Boghiwheel Ghat and then take a ferry to Dibrugarh thus ending this lovely expedition on river rafting in this part of the River Brahmaputra.

Enjoy the pleasures of river rafting in Arunachal Pradesh in the surroundings of the River Brahmaputra.

Brahmaputra River Rafting

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