The BMW Tower, BMW Museum and BMW Welt

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BMW is a name that rings a bell, doesn’t it? The BMW is a manufacturer of bikes and automobiles and has for years ruled the automotive industry. The headquarters of this company is based in Munich, Germany.

What does BMW stand for?

BMW is an acronym that has been used so loosely over the years that very few people might even bother knowing what it really stands for. It stands for ‘Bayerische Motoren Werke’ or ‘Bavarian Motor Works’ in English.

About BMW:

This company is perhaps the largest premium carmaker in the world and is known to be the parent company of BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce. They have recently purchased the enduro and supermoto motorbike specialist – Husqvarna (Sweden origin).

Introduction to the BMW Headquarters:

The BMW headquarters are perhaps one of the most admirable landmarks of Munich. This structure is also known as the Four Cylinder Building. It is often used in conjunction with some of the most notable examples of architecture (especially modern) in Munich.

BMW Headquarters in Munich Germany

Company History:

The company was founded in the year 1913. At that time, they were associated with building airplane engines in the year 1917. In the year 1923, BMW began building another form of automotives – motorbikes. In the year 1928, they began production of cars.

A little while after the Second World War, the factories of BMW were dismantled and pulled down on the orders of the Allied Forces. The company was only given permission to produce bicycles and household utensils.

In the year 1950, BMW slowly but surely crawled its way back into the production of cars. After a rather slow start, the company shifted its focus to manufacturing luxury cars, and that is what is popular for even today. They have become one of the most admired car brands in the world today.

The BMW Museum:

This is the main attraction that draws in a lot of visitors every year. People, who come to visit the four cylinder tower of BMW, also visit the museum next to it. This one is shaped like a bowl.

The museum highlights the development of cars and motorbikes – how technology has improved things over the years. It also throws light on how the company developed, improved and changed with time. You could catch a glimpse of some rather old models of bikes and cars that have been set up for display on a ramp that is spiral in nature. This ramp runs along the inside of the building which is bowl-shaped on the outside.

The Dixi car from the year 1928 and the Isetta, which was once considered very funny-looking, are on display here. Sports cars like the BMW 328, which were famous for their victories in the Mille Miglia race in Italy, can also be seen here. The more recent BMW 850 also stands here in all its glory.

BMW Museum

The BMW Tower:

The main building of the BMW office is called the BMW Verwaltungsgebaude, which translates to BMW administrative building. This building was designed by a Viennese architect – Karl Schwarzer; and he took inspiration for the same from a four-cylinder engine.

The tower was built in the years between 1968 and 1972. Today, it stands at a height of about 101 meters and is located quite close to the Olympiapark.

The construction of this tower, which is clad in aluminum, was completed right before the Olympics in the year 1972. The Olympics were held at the BMW Headquarters’ neighbor – Olympiapark.

BMW Tower

BMW Welt:

The BMW Welt or the BMW World was constructed in 2008 and was set right across the street from the BMW Towers. This modern structure was to play the role of a multifunctional complex. Here new owners could come to pick up their cars. Visitors were also welcome, who could come and indulge in exhibitions that were conducted here from time to time.

This structure is connected to the BMW museum by means of a foot-over bridge. This building also houses a number of BMW themed stores and restaurants, which adds to its tourist value.

BMW Welt

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