The Attractions Housed by Gardaland Italy

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The Gardaland ranks 3rd on the list of the most visited theme parks of Europe. It is located between Lazise and Peschiera of Lake Garda, Italy. The park was inaugurated in the year 1975 and since then has undergone a number of modifications. Since the inception of this theme park in 1975, it has expanded in both attendance and size. In this article, we’ll be discussing about the most exciting attractions housed by the Gardaland.


The Blue Tornado:

This ride is basically an inverted coaster made up of steel. Blue Tornado is located around the park’s entrance and you can see the head of the rise even from outside of the park. The Blue Tornado was inaugurated in the year 1998. It has a height of 109.4 ft or 33.32 m and its track covers a total distance of 2,510 ft or 770m. A single ride on the Blue Tornado lasts for several minutes. The factors that make this ride so exciting are the double line twists, the rollovers and the sidewinders.

The Blue Tornado

The Magic Mountain:

It is a sit-down coaster and is also made up of steel. The Magic Mountain is located at Gardaland’s lower level. This ride is in operation since the year 1985. This makes the Magic Mountain the park’s oldest coaster. The Magic Mountain is 98.5ft or 30m tall and its track runs a total distance of 2,296ft or 700m. The most notable features of this Gardaland ride are the rising helix, the double loop and the double corkscrew. In the year 2009, the original Arrow Dynamic trains of this ride got replaced by a contemporary Vekoma model.

The Magic Mountain

The Sequoia Adventure:

This ride can be described as a wild-mouse coaster. This ride is located within the Magic Mountain’s track. The Magic Mountain’s second corkscrew misses the station only by a petite distance. The Sequoia Adventure was opened for public use in the year 2005; it has a height of 98.5ft or 30m (which makes it as tall as the Magic Mountain). A large share of the time on this ride will keep the riders inverted.

The Sequoia Adventure

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