Tasmania: Nature’s bounty

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It is a serene Island and state of Australia. Tasmania is separated from the main continent of Australia by the Bass Strait. It is 240 kilometers away from the island nation and is to the south of Australia.

About the island:

The state of Tasmania includes the main island of Tasmania and its surrounding islands. The main island is also the 26th largest island in the entire globe. It is an undisturbed natural habitat while most of island has forest reserves, world heritage sites and national parks.

Tasmania island in Australia
The largest city and capital of the state is Hobart which includes the city of Clarence, Glenorchy, and city of Hobart. Burnie, Devonport in the northwest and Launceston in the north are other important city centers.

The island is surrounded by the Pacific and Indian Oceans. It has the most mountains in Australia, volcanically inactive and rounded smooth mountains. Southwest national park and much of Tasmania is thickly populated in vegetation and forests.

The largest rainforest in Australia is found in the north west of the island in Tarkine. There are many beautiful rivers and its estuaries flowing round the island.

Flora and Fauna:

The island state has huge diverse vegetation. The midlands are covered in the dry grasslands. Alpine heaths, cool temperate rainforests, evergreen eucalyptus trees covered forests, moorlands fill up the state of Tasmania. Huon pine trees which are said to be two thousand years old are some of the oldest and tallest trees found here. The tallest trees are the eucalyptus regnans towering over 90 meters in the Styx Valley.

The Tasmanian tiger resembles a wild dog with stripes across its back. The Tasmanian devil is the size of a small dog is a carnivore found only here. There are many beautiful and distinct birds found here.

Birds in Tasmania Tasmania Devil


Since the time of colonial rule proper English cuisine was the standard in the many areas of Tasmania. But the change in the cultural structure with the entry of different immigrants has made Tasmania a hub of varied restaurants and eateries.

One can find many vineyards dotted across the whole of the Island. Popular Tasmanian brands of beer such as Cascade and Boags are available here.

Wide array of diary products and boutiques of cheeses can be found in the northwestern coast off the island at king Island. Good varieties of exotic sea food which are farmed as well as caught in the wild are found here.

These Tasmanian delights include fishes like Orange roughy, Salmon, and Crayfish.

Festivities rock the Island:

The Government encourages tourism by organizing events in and around the island every year. The widely famous Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race starts on the Boxing Day in Sydney.

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

The participants arrive around four days later at the constitution dock in Hobart. The yearly food and wine festival held in the island is the Taste of Tasmania.

Music, food and party time!

‘Targa Tasmania’ is a road rally held for a total of five days and calls for the attention of world class drivers. Agfest is an agricultural show held in a rural setting in the month of May. Carrick which is west of Launceston is the location for this three day festival.

Targa Tasmania

Other regional events in the month of October include the Royal Launceston Show and the Royal Hobart show. Falls Festival is held at Marion Bay is a musical event taking place during the New Years Eve. A new event is the “10 days on the island” which is an arts festival.

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