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  • Fertility Tourism Destinations
    Fertility Tourism Destinations
    There has been a mass trend among baby hopefuls undertaking trips to visit fertility clinics in foreign countries often intended by those hunting for treatments to resolve infertility like in-vitro fertilization (IVF) amongst several other options that are comparatively pocket-friendly and the regulations are less rigorous. Typically, IVF procedure costs mount up to 12,000 U.S. dollars (USD) for every ovulation cycle attempt with patients shelling out close to 75,000 USD prior to even getting pregnant. While in other countries each treatment cost comes to a meagre 2,500-5,000 USD. Fertility tourism is quite a lucrative option as the couple can not only plan an extended unwinding holiday while alongside getting the treatment done in another country and yet comeback with money saved by doing it elsewhere. Many of those who visit foreign  [...]
    Posted at August 20th, 2009 at 08:08 pm
  • Spectacular Arena of Excitement…
    Spectacular Arena of Excitement…
    Historically, the stadiums were nothing but a field where people played while others perched on benches to cheer. But a modern day stadium has travelled far from its root. It is designed scientifically to bring out marvels for the world to enjoy. Today, we have more than 10 000 stadiums in over 223 countries which are frequented by 18,000 visitors daily. There are some splendidly made stadiums around the world that are a testament to great architecture. You never know, you might be lucky in getting to see your favorite player practicing while not even paying a fortune. Here are some stadiums from around the world that homes different popular clubs, and is worth a visit: Wembley Stadium- London, UK Wembley’s 90,000 capacity makes it the second largest stadium in Europe after Camp Nou and the largest in the world with every  [...]
    Posted at August 17th, 2009 at 10:08 pm
  • Breathtaking Barcelona Spain Travel Guide- Part III
    Breathtaking Barcelona Spain Travel Guide- Part III
    The Picasso Museum has many works of art of the most revered Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso who spent his seminal years in Barcelona. Miró’s fine artworks from 1914 are at display at the Miró Museum along with an assortment of figurines, wall-hangings and early drawings. Barcelona has always attached significant importance to sports. Football fans must not miss a visit to the notable Camp Nou which is the biggest football stadium worldwide second only to Marcana. A giant congregation of nearly a lakh eager spectator assemble here to cheer on the top-notched FC Barcelona team in action. One can view the huge display of cups won, photographs and figurines of revered players at the Barcelona FC Museum. The Seu or The Cathedral de la Santa Creu is a decedent example of fine Mediterranean Gothic style and amongst the most splendid  [...]
    Posted at August 12th, 2009 at 09:08 am
  • Breathtaking Barcelona Spain Travel Guide- Part II
    Breathtaking Barcelona Spain Travel Guide- Part II
    Barcelona is an overwhelming feast to all the senses and an entirely different world of inconceivable shapes, vibrant hues, serpentine streets and a lot more to be discovered. Barcelona has the grandest castles in all Europe. The 370-year old Montjuïc Castle is a 173 metres high fortification atop the Montjuïc hill proffers splendid views of the city and the Barcelona port. It was once a political jail and site for ghastly executions during the reign of the tyrant Franco at the time of the Spanish War who also aided in the construction of the Military museum. There are huge cannons surrounding the statue of a naked woman paying tribute to the premier California governor, Gasper de Portola. Verdant vegetation encircles the bastion with an archery range located adjacent to it. Other prime places of interest in Montjuïc are the Magical  [...]
    Posted at August 11th, 2009 at 09:08 am
  • Breathtaking Barcelona Spain Travel Guide- Part I
    Breathtaking Barcelona Spain Travel Guide- Part I
    The vast expanses and the magnificent panorama of the Barcelona city are idyllically explored via foot. One can find several surreal examples of Antonio Gaudi’s original architecture. The Casa Mila that was derisively dubbed as La Pedrera meaning Stone Quarry spanning more 100 square metres is inclusive of two huge spherical patios supplying nearly each section of the house with sunshine. The distinguishing undulating brick work, colorful natural stone tiles, wrought iron galleries looping around in plant similar shapes and no sight of absolute straight lines are all proof of Gaudi’s avant-garde architecture. The unusual, intricate roof has an incredible congregation of mask-like and ceramic circuitous chimneys. From the rooftop one can enjoy fine views of the Eixample district that is a lovely locality with several picturesque  [...]
    Posted at August 10th, 2009 at 10:08 am
  • Guide to South America
    Guide to South America
    South America Introduction & History Around 70,000 years ago, the foremost traits of human occupancy in South America occurred when they moved from Asia passing the Bering Land Bridge and eventual spanned all areas of the continent as they made their way southwards. Widespread farming activities have been recorded in the Amazon Basin from 2000 BC, with animal husbandry becoming prevalent in 3500 BC in Andes and close by regions. There were many upcoming civilizations that sprung up like the Canaris, the Norte Chico, Amazon, Cara Supe, Chavin, Moche of which Inca also called the land of the four regions was the significantly urbane. Christopher Columbus’s momentous, incomprehensible discovery of the Caribbean islands en route to seeking new-fangled ways to reach Asia- the esteemed spice paradise, finally did led him to his coveted  [...]
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